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Gynecomastia and low libido

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Gynecomastia and low libido
« on: July 07, 2017, 01:26:32 PM »
Hi, doctors. First of all, I would like to say Thank you for this opened space for question directed to you. It can be extremely helpful for people like me, who doesn't know exactly what to do.

I've posted this same topic in another area of this forum before found this sector to questions.

I'm 24 years old, I go to gym at least 4x per week. I have a muscle body and energy to do exercises. I would say I'm a healthy person.
The last year has been a bit difficult to me. I got a gynecomastia and my libido went down!
I will explain my history since everything has started:
In January/2017 I moved to Europe and I tried and started to use ecstasy, that was the first drug I had tried and I loved it but didn't know the risks. Now it's too late to judge me. I have used this from January to July, taking it every weekend around 6 pills per weekend (it's really too much).
In July I decided to stop completely (and it was easy) but then on August I started to feel my nipples sensitive and painful, my nipples was getting bigger and I could feel a kind of small rock inside. Also, I started to feel less interest in sex and difficult to keep erection.
I went to doctor straight way and he asked for a blood exam:
See the results:
Testosterone 23.2 nmol/L 7.1-31.1

White Blood Cells 7.31 x10^9/L 3.50-11.00
Red Blood Cell 4.91 x10^12/L 4.50-5.50
Haemoglobin 15.3 g/dl 13.0-18.0
Haematocrit 0.441 L/L 0.400-0.500
Mean Cell Volume 89.8 fl 80.0-100.0
Mean Cell HB 31.2 pg 27.0-32.0
Mean Cell HB Conc. 34.7 g/dl 30.0-36.0
Red Cell Dist. Width 12.0 % 11.0-15.0
Platelets 229 x10^9/L 150-400

Oestradiol 121 pmol/l 40-161

Free T4 14.6 PMOL/L 9.0-20.0
TSH 0.80 mIU/L 0.35-4.94

Sodium 143 mmol/l 133-146
Potassium 3.2 mmol/l Below low normal 3.3-5.0
Chloride 105 mmol/l 95-108
Total CO2 NA mmol/l
Urea 3.8 mmol/l 2.8-8.6
Creatinine 76 umol/l 65-107
Anion Gap NA mmol/l
eGFR >60 ml/min/1.73m^2

Albumin 42 g/l 35-50
Calcium 2.28 mmol/l 2.18-2.60
Corrected Calcium 2.28 mmol/l 2.20-2.60
Phosphate 0.83 mmol/l 0.74-1.52
Alkaline Phosphatase 72 I.U./l 30-130

Total Protein 70 g/l 65-83
Albumin 42 g/l 35-50
Globulin 28 g/l 26-39
Bilirubin 15 umol/l 5-24
Alkaline Phosphatase 72 I.U./l 30-130
ALT 25 I.U./l 0-55
Gamma-GT 21 I.U./l 11-67

LH 2.8 IU/L 1.4-6.5
The doctor told me I would be fine after few months and I shouldn't worry about it.

On March I realized it hasn't improved and had got worse than before. so I decided to go to another doctor again. I went to endocrinologist and he asked many blood exams.
See the results attached to this topic.
The doctor said my exams was fine and I should go to a breast specialist. I went to breast specialist and he asked for a mammography and testicle ultrasound and both was fine (I got the result of both on June). So he said me I should just go home and take 2000mg of Evening primrose oil per one month and 1000mg for two more months and stop the caffeine and chocolate. I stopped the caffeine and I've noticed a small improvement, but I haven't started the Evening primrose oil as I saw many people saying it could generate gynecomastia.

The resume of the case:
January/2017 - Tried the first drug (ecstasy) and started to use in excess. Around 6 pills per weekend.
July/2017 - I got bored and stopped the drugs. Since then, I haven't used anymore, any kind of drug.
August/2017 - Started to feel the nipple painful and some signal of gynecomastia. I went to doctor.
March/2018 - I went again to doctor as I haven't seen any improvement and actually it was worse than before.
June/2018 - I did mammography and testicle ultrasound and both are normal.

I'm worried about many things:
The Prolactin in my second exam (on March) was high and maybe the doctor hasn't noticed. Can this Prolactin cause the gynecomastia or even the less interest in sex?
Should I take the Evening primrose oil or it could make the gynecomastia get bigger?
I've seen many article saying Vitamin E and B6 can lower Prolactin, should I try it?
Is my testosterone low for my age?
Has the chance of this gynecomastia become smaller or disappear?

Thank you so much. I appreciate any kind of tip, as I don't really know what to do.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=32695.0

Re: Gynecomastia and low libido
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 08:56:27 PM »
Recommending specific based on the info you have supplied is really impossible. You should not expect to get comprehensive treatment from a website like this. There are amn things that can cause gynecomastia including an elevated prolactin level. Elevated prolactin levels can sometimes be caused by a benign growth in the brain. primrose oil and Vitamin E are frequently prescibed to improve symptoms of fibrocystic breast disorders. I suggest that you review your labs with your Endocrinologist and/or family doctor. If everything pans out tobe nomal, and your gynecomastia does not reslove on its own, youu could consider surgery. Good luck.
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Lutherville, Maryland 21093
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