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ED & Gynocomastia link?

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ED & Gynocomastia link?
« on: September 13, 2019, 02:42:47 PM »
This is a question for the doctors but is more endocrine based.

I had pubertal Gyno as a kid that never affected me that much, but it grew due to steroid use when I was older and bodybuilding. I had suffered with some form of ED for many years even when hormones were back in balance and I was in homeostasis.

I decided to get gyno surgery to remove the large amount of glandular tissue that had developed and lipo of the excess chest fat. Coincidentally after I had this surgery my ED magically disappeared almost over night.

Fast forward a little bit and I went back on a steroid cycle and my gyno grew back before i knew it! Unfortunately I was not made aware at the time that a very small amount of glandular tissue has to be left to support the nipple so I was under the assumption that it would be impossible to grow back. Of course I was wrong and now I am better informed.

Anyway........ ironically with the return of the gyno also came the return of the ED!

I have been doing lots of research into this and it seems well known amongst the endocrinology society that breast tissue (fat & glandular) can be production sites for estrogen and prolactin. Now I know most of these studies look at female breast tissue but that is essential what we have!

I am speculating that with the removal of a large amount of glandular and fat tissues that you are bound to have a drop of these two hormones which may have been impeding erectile function.

Have any of you doctors thought about this or think there is some credit to this theory or heard from patients before and after surgery who may have notice this?

I have added a link that shows a study confirming the expression of hormones from glandular and fat tissue within the breast. It also suggests that even with the use of a D2 receptor against that would usually control prolactin secretion would not work in breast tissue.

Just want peoples thoughts?

Prolactin Expression and Secretion by Human Breast Glandular and Adipose Tissue Explants 

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=35432.0

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