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Dr. Jacobs
« on: June 17, 2009, 09:53:16 PM »
Hey doc I read on your website that you do most surgeries with lipo tools only and occaisionlly make an incision at the areola, just wondering if you are able to cut out the gland from the side armpit incisions with special tools instead of making a cut at the nipple?

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Yes, I have designed my own special instrument (cannula) specifically for gynecomastia surgery.  Most standard liposuction instruments are dull and cannot remove gland.  My instrument is sharp and capable of removing both fat and gland.

However, it is not perfect.  In cases when there is absolutely solid, dense breast tissue, my instrument cannot accomplish everything.  It is in those cases, which I recognize during the operation, that I will then proceed to perform a peri-areolar incision in order to complete the removal of the dense tissue.  Only a scalpel can remove this type of tissue.

It is my philosophy that I never leave the operating room until my patient is smooth, flat, even and contoured -- and I do whatever it takes to accomplish this. no matter how long it takes!  And I charge one flat fee for surgery, whether it is suction alone or suction plus excision.

Dr Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs 
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Dr. Jacobs

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