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Doctors, weird chest contour/crater - 4 weeks post op.. Will this correct itself

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I am not going to start throwing my plastic surgeon under the bus or being too hard on myself this early.. But I am far from happy as of yet with my results. (please disregard redness - had a slight reaction to tape).

From the first few days my nipples still appeared slightly puffy and they still are like this - seems like there is a little amount of small tissue under each nipple, not sure if its scar tissue or glandular tissue.

Anyway, I had fluid build up on the right side, so much so that I could feel it move around. It went away after 2 weeks.
Nearing the 3 week mark, I noticed that any time I stood upright with good posture, or put my hand behind, the right pec would get a fold across it, above the nipple area (as seen in the pics).

This is only occurring on the right side. It's almost as if the contour of the pec is folding across my body, and then below this contour, the fat or muscle tissue sticks out from it- making it appear just as bad as the gyno from each angle.

I also see and feel a hollow, crater like area above the nipple area - this becomes apparent when I put my hand over my head.

I have not yet felt comfortable wearing a tight fitting t-shirt due to this and the puffy nipples. This contour/ctrater issue makes it look like gyno when I stand upright.

I know it is early days.. But I am a little upset and discouraged.

I had glandular excision only. Was told that no lipo would be needed due to having low bodyfat - around 8% at time of surgery itself.

I was around a small type 1 with puffy nipples on the left, a very slight type 2 on the right side with bigger glandular tissue-golf ball style. But nothing too severe.

I used to compete in natural fitness and the gyno stopped me from wanting to do this. I kept really lean but lost enthusiasm to get in amazing shape and compete.

I thought (i hope) that my results will allow me to do this again and get in the shape I used to be in.. But i feel just as self conscious and bad right now.

I did my research with surgeons and decided on a board certified surgeon who does a lot of gynecomastia surgeries.

I spent over $6,000 to make this a one time deal and I am scared that may not be the case.

Doctors, what causes this.. And could it correct itself? Could it be swelling from getting back to working out or something?

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=27181.0


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If you're only 4 weeks out, you're far from a final result, so irregularities can resolve as healing progresses.  You stated that you didn't have liposuction, but it's still possible to have some over-resection of tissue, which would give a contour deformity, such as a slight depression.  It's possible, however, that this is present related to the swelling that's left behind, or related to a small amount of bleeding, which can cause swelling, and these issues would resolve in time.  You also said you had some fluid, which resolved on its own, and that can sometimes leave a temporary contour issue. 

Best thing to do is wait and see and speak with your surgeon.  You chose him because you trusted his skill and judgement, and that should include dealing with any concerns you have after the surgery.

Good luck,

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It is still early and it appears you are contracting your right pectoralis in the photo. At rest what does the right side look like?
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i am flexing my arm back behind me but even just natural upright posture with shoulders pinned back, the fold and contour start appearing as in the pictures.

at rest, from frontal view, you see a crease going down the pec major and to nipple - which isnt on left side

at rest from side view, it becomes bad (this is the view from the last picture) it appears like a little crater above nipple area and the contour shows the bottom of chest stick out and the top around the crater appear hollow - making it look like gynecomastia through a tshirt.. and slightly weird looking without shirt.

i will keep faith for my next check up, 8 weeks from now.

chest/nipples still appear puffy on left side - from doctors experience, could this just be scar tissue or the stitches inside? they appeared still puffy a day after surgery.

that you both for your input!

my left nipple area, areola, looks much bigger than the right (the side where more was taken). my chest on the left side looks bigger than the right, too.

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