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How much am I looking to pay if I have to have surgery (United States)?

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Fees for gyne surgery will vary greatly across the US, in part reflecting the general overhead costs for surgeons in different geographic areas.  

More important than cost, however, is to find the right gyne specialist for your surgery.  Realize, the very best opportunity to get a good result is the initial operation.  And you need a plastic surgeon who is well experienced in this procedure.  When it comes to surgery, like many things in life, you get what you pay for.  The fee, while important, should be the least of your considerations.  Remember, you will enjoy and appreciate the results of your procedure long after the fee is forgotten.

Do your research carefully and perhaps meet with several surgeons before narrowing down your choice.

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Good call. With that in mind, I  take it I am looking for years of experience and good reviews (across multiple mediums,  of course). What else should I  be looking into?

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I agree with Dr. Jacobs. I recommend choosing a surgeon who performs correction on a regular basis frequently. Getting a great result can be a little more difficult than many surgeons think. You can see this by how many complaints there are about incomplete correction or significant irregularities after surgery. It is less expensive to get it rigt the first time. Check out the results of surgeons and then contact their offices for cost estimates. Good luck.
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I know this was three months ago and this is probably a necro, but I  was kind of a fool when I  posted this. I had my procedure last week and I only paid the hospital Bill's out of pocket.  I hadn't considered that financing was an option,  so I am doing that to pay for the surgeon's bill. It has a decent impact on my finances, but I  mitigated this by lowering other bills (refinanced student loans, switching car insurance from REGRESSIVE to another company, making minimum payments on bills I have under control,  etc). My procedure cost a lot more than I expected,  but it's not going to be an issue,  if it is, a minor one only for a year.

I want to thank everyone again for all the help.

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Many of the surgeons on this website treat patients from out of town and even from out of the country. When choosing your surgeon you should always consider quality, accessability, and cost. The best thing I can tell you would be to first try to find some surgeons close to you based on their results. if that doesn't work you can start expanding your distance based on ease of travel. Fortunately most gynecomastia procedures do not require a long stay near the surgeon and you can be pretty mobile shortly after surgery. 


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