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before consultation/surgery

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before consultation/surgery
« on: May 19, 2009, 03:03:14 AM »
should i do push ups and such before my consultation to get the muscle built and help gland stand out more ??

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Re: before consultation/surgery
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While I would never suggest not exercising, severe exercise prior to your consultation (or surgery) is not necessary.  Surgeons can diagnose gynecomastia with or without a large pec muscle behind it.

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Re: before consultation/surgery
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should i do push ups and such before my consultation to get the muscle built and help gland stand out more ??

I work with many Bodybuilders with Gynecomastia.  They all complain that as they build their muscles, whatever is on top of the muscles tends to stick out further as the muscles get bigger.  This is a gradual process.  Cold, stress, and stimulation of the areola muscles can hide puffed nipple gynecomastia.  That is why I pick a standard warm temperature of about 75 degrees F to evaluate each of my patients before and after surgery.  I also use chest muscle flexing at the time of evaluation to see how tissues above the muscles react.  Being relaxed in a warm room with a competent surgeon who understands the specifics of gynecomastia is the best way to demonstrate your contour issues.

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Re: before consultation/surgery
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I don't recommend building up muscle before your surgery.  It will obviously be a good idea to do so afterward, as a well-developed pectoralis muscle will enhance your overall result. 

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There is no need to work out your pectorals before surery to make the gland stand out. During surgery, we directly visualize the fat and gland and are able to remove them from the overlying muscles.
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