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1 week post-op areolar pain

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1 week post-op areolar pain
« on: April 13, 2017, 06:38:56 AM »
I am one week post-op excision+lipo of a mild to moderate case for leaner, fit guy. The incisions were sewn internally with disolvable stitches. Aside from typical overall aching and soreness, immediately after surgery I had significant stinging pain in both nipples. It has been improving but is still easily brought on by any positions of stretch and occasionally comes and goes while just at rest. Sometimes I can move and not notice anything at all, while other times a slight movement will easily bring it on. Lying on either side brings its on. Sometimes there is quite a bit of tingling/itching. Shortly after any contact (gentle pressure from my fingers, or when someone gave me a gentle hug yesterday), they start to feel sore and sting a little. I took tramadol for the first couple of days which didn't seem to change the pain much and have since stopped.
On my post-op follow up my doctor told me not to worry about keeping my arms still, or limiting movement, and to just focus on taking it easy. I have done some driving, computer use, lifting my arms overhead, and gentle stretching movements (i.e. plugging in an outlet under my desk), but overall have been quite careful. I try to sleep on my back but have woken up on my sides a couple of times, once on my stomach. This morning in bed I accidentally rolled onto my side and experienced some pretty significant tearing/stinging pain on that side which woke me up. It subsided within a few seconds. I changed the paper tape over the incisions for the first time yesterday and externally everything looks pretty good, one incision is just very slightly raised and there is some hardness under my nipples on gentle palpation which I assume is normal at 1 week,

Does this sound typical of hypersensitivity/nerve pain? Do I need to be much more cautious about side lying at 1 week? I'm just nervous that I'm moving too much and really don't want to be causing any tearing internally. I do not want to end up with scar tissue issues. I plan on contacting the surgeons office later today but would appreciate some other opinions/peace of mind. Thank you.

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Re: 1 week post-op areolar pain
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2017, 10:31:47 PM »
Not sure if your issue has resolved by now, but I discourage my patients from too much protective guarding of operative sites after the first week or so.  Sometimes there is hypersensitivity in an area that has undergone surgery--Nipple hypersensitivity is very common in women after certain breast procedures.  But excessive caution can sometimes lead to persistent pain syndromes, rather than resolution.  I encourage some desensitization after the first couple weeks, even something as simple as rubbing a terry cloth wash cloth around the operative site.

I hope your improving by now. 

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Re: 1 week post-op areolar pain
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Sounds fairly normal. Keep following your surgeon's instructions. Rome wasn't built in a day. Hang in there.
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