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just sharing pre op and 1 year post op surgery :) Surgery by Dr prashant-Pune

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Dear all, it has been a year since i got my gynecomastia corrected. just sharing the pre op and post op pictures. just to motivate people to get their's corrected. Trust me it gives you a HUGE boost of confidence . It is never too late ! :)

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=30714.0

Amazing results really happy for u my friend :) 

thank you very much !

thank you very much !

wow bro such a huge difference. At age did you get the surgery? How did you take care of it post op? You got pictures of glands that they removed? 

i was all alone. i had a strong determination to do it. i did it  last year when i was 22, from my first salary.

they did show me the glands i saw and they took it away. i really didnt want to see that. it was yellowish red and covered with fat and blood. it looked gross !


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im currently living here in macau. anyone knows how much the plane ticket (round trip ) going to india. because i think the surgery is cheaper in that country. compare to other.

kindly check a ticketing website. i have no idea..

Congrats friend! Really happy for u.
Could u pls share the details of the surgeon in Pune? Thank you.

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