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It seems that most guys on here have come to tolerate their breasts but would rather not have them. I was surprised that I found that I love having them. Breasts can be very beautiful and I see mine as such. Everyone is different and that includes those of us who see our breast development as a positive. It's not at all about being sexual, just as an infant's relationship with its mother's breasts is not sexual. The infant only appreciates the milk it suckles and I suspect that most of us who were nursed still carry an appreciation for our mother's breasts and by extension all breasts.

I do respect fully those who wear bras for comfort and those who chose to minimize the appearance of their breasts. But equal respect goes to those men who are comfortable allowing them to be seen by others. Remaining respectful of conventions on public nudity, this is exactly how women's clothes have evolved. It has long been acceptable for women to wear revealing clothing and so should it be fore men. The big problem is that society (especially ours) has oversexualized breasts.

Like you, I like my breasts.  My projection is fairly obvious, but I don't flaunt them nor do I hide them.
I have the same feeling about my breasts. I won't flaunt them or hide them. The right bra improves my comfort and appearance. It will lift, support and shape my breasts.  A nice rounded look is what I seek in a bra. I can only get this from underwire bras. 

If you're going for a fitting, it's a good idea to bring a few different tops with you to try on with any new bras that you may be considering adding to your top drawer. You may like the look and feel of the bra but, it may not be the look or provide the shape you want or need to wear with certain tops.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

Re: Total Acceptance
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Agreed with ABWG. I have never gone for a pro fitting, but am confident in my fitting of self enough that I go to walmart and pick out a few bras and then go to the mens section and pick out a few shirts that are similar styles to clothes I have at home, and trust the fit and style will be close enough to the brands I have at home. Then hide the bras under the shirts and go in to the fitting room. Try on each bra with each shirt and make my decision based on how much is noticeable and how much comfort is provided. I'm at a point where I don't care at all who sees the straps or hooks on band, I don't think anyone is seeing those, it is the cups I look at. The chest is a very focal point on anyone's body and one of the first things I think anyone notices on anyone. So I want to make sure the cups are comfortable and give my chest a shape I like that won't be too defined as boobs. 

I wear simple t shirt bras and have worn everything from t shirts to dress shirts to tank tops. Barelythere or other pull over bras have very similar style and look as an undershirt/wifebeater and have went running in a tank top and the bra band and straps were visible a bit but you couldn't see the separation of skin and bra and looked just like my undershirt was showing. Kinda daring but sometimes being daring provides you with confidence of being out there in the public with a bra on and realizing it's easier then assumed to enjoy it and not be so paranoid

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