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« on: February 23, 2010, 04:34:49 AM »
I had not been near a public pool or beach in years though gynecomastia is common in our family so we were less shy in the private pools of family members.

A few years back, My wife and I took a cruise. Late one evening my sweetheart convinced me that we could have the pool and spa on the top deck to ourselves at that hour. So we went to the top deck where we found the spa idle. No sooner had we settled into the warm bubbling water than no less than 8 lovely young ladies asked if they could join us. It seems some of the crew had been given a rare treat and they had the run of the ship. In spite of my initial embarrassment, I was thoroughly enjoying myself and after a time we returned to our cabin. I was able to tease my wife that I thought she may have been a bit jealous that I was enjoying the situation a bit too much. We had a good laugh and that was it.

A couple of years later, Again vacationing but this time at a resort in Cabo San Lucas. There were three generations of the family there and I was surprised one afternoon to find one of my well endowed sons in the pool. His daughters had wanted to go for a swim and he did not have the heart to refuse them. Likewise I did not have the heart to let him suffer such embarrassment alone so I soon joined them and in truth we actually had a great time. What happened as the day wore on was remarkable as one by one a number of rather chesty males entered the pools. This liberalization of ourselves lasted throughout the week and included a number of men that we had no other contact with.

If there is a moral to this narrative, It is that the act of swallowing your pride can sometimes be very liberating.

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Re: Swimming
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2010, 03:37:07 AM »
I can relate to this story too Paa Paw.
Years ago my wife & I were on holiday in Spain & arrived by accident at a nude beach. before that I would avoid beaches & pools ( I still avoid pools but only because I hate the Chlorine!) this time however I had a look about & realised that people come in all shapes & sizes & having gyne wasnt really THAT weird loking!
 Ive never looked back & regularly enjoy nude sunbathing on holiday. Sure you get the occasional rude not a nice person but they are few & far between.
I think my body is far better looking than a lot I see ( male OR female!)

Bottom line: 99% of people arent interested in your chest!


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Re: Swimming
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2010, 08:43:48 PM »
Enjoying a similar freedom here on Maui... no one cares if you have boobs or not. 

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