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Mood swings

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Re: Mood swings
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TigerPaws: Your last post is very interesting and somewhat revealing. I usually cruise along all fine and dandy, when some seemingly innocent happens and my emotions want to hit the roof. It has happened so often for so long that when it hits I push it down inside till it fades away. I am normally a very happy go lucky fellow, so I know the emotional roller-coaster is related to something not normal for me. Thanks for shedding some light on an interesting area of my life. Unfortunately, I no longer have a regular doctor so I am trying "Obama-Care". Life is certainly interesting.
Oh! You mean o-dumb-a care... Well it beats waiting for the VA. Fortunately medical treatment here on the island is far more affordable. My personal doctor is someone who retired (early) from one of the most prestigious hospitals in the states. He is very wealthy and donates most of his time, he has never asked me for a penny but instead asks that I donate to the local clinic so they can purchase medications for those who can not afford it. 

Re: Mood swings
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TigerPaws: That is really cool. It is good to hear about nice folks doing nice things for others. Thanks.



Re: Mood swings
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TigerPaws, as far as the Minneapolis VA, the care I get here is outstanding! The back doctor the I have there is the same one that I had at the U of MN! I will have to say that the orthopedic dept does run very late (behind) on there appointment time, however the doctors spend what ever time that is needed with you so you know what you need to know and understand what you need to understand! I do appreciate a doctor who is willing to give you the time you need, so I'm also willing to wait as well!

Bottom line, I have no complaints about my VA care!

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