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Hot flashes, sore nipples and itching

Re: Hot flashes, sore nipples and itching
« Reply #30 on: May 05, 2016, 09:08:42 AM »
JR: I cannot take any testosterone due to a dark spot on my prostate. Reducing the testosterone has greatly helped reduce the spot. I was bleeding into what comes out of the prostate but over time that has stopped. The downside is the "floation devices" that appeared on my chest. I can live with all of that but I am annoyed by the mood swings. They can hit in a flash out of the blue and be gone just as fast. I am agreeing with everyone else on how very hard, dangerous, amazing, special and etc. that hormones are. Geesh! Zei gazunt! (be well)

Mood swings are representative of wild fluctuations in Estrogen. One of the problems with hormone testing is the short life they have in your blood, additionally your body uses the hormones so again testing is not an exact measure of what is going on.

The medical industry is reluctant to admit that modern medical practices are part science and part guesswork.

Having gone through an enlarged Prostate with an unidentified mass growing within it I understand your concerns and fears. Broadly speaking Testosterone will aggravate the problem and depriving your system of it will as you have discovered will generally reduce the problem and in my case eliminate it.

Forget about the Gynecomastia issue for now, that should be the least of your concerns, concentrate on solving the issue with your Prostate hopefully without surgery.

Re: Hot flashes, sore nipples and itching
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I am not sure if this is the proper section for this but here goes. As the title of this inquiry states: hot flashes, sore nipples and itching, all of these have been happening for 10 to 20 years to me but only within the last few years has any growth taken place. Are the above "annoyances" precursors for growth, or are they just "annoyances"? This question is one of curiosity more than one of need. Thanks!

Your hormones are out of whack.
1) lose excess body fat
2) lift weights
3) increase your TESTOSTERONE to Estrogen ratio
4) take natural supplements ie; tongkat Ali, pine pollen mucuna cops
5) get a male hormone panel blood test
6) see a doctor
7) get gyno surgery

jrflatnow Your medical knowledge of Prostate issues is astounding, increasing Testosterone will aggravate a Prostate issue, it could easily cause a yet unidentified "Dark Spot" and push it to Cancer.

You have NO idea of expedient-traveller's size, BMI, age or physical condition or his past medical history/issues, recommending a course of treatment is negligent at best. He has already undergone a blood work-up, he said as much, natural supplements can and do interfere with prescription medications and can interact with each other.

As someone who was in the first trials (experiments really) of Testosterone suppression and Estrogen therapy I have a pretty fair understanding of the treatments for various Prostate issues. Increasing Testosterone is NOT one of the treatments.

Have you ever had an issue with your Prostate? Do you have direct knowledge of

expedient-traveller and his issues?

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