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Author Topic: Puffy nips, gyno or just fat??    (Read 2084 times)
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« on: May 26, 2012, 02:06:17 pm »

Hi, I imagine there are alot of threads like this.  I am 26, and have noticed puffy nipples for sometime now, since early 20's.  I am around 6ft and a little over 200 Lbs.  

When hot, my nipples become saggy, and the lower chest kinda protrudes slightly (like the nipple is pulling it out a little). If I rub them, they go much more normal, however there is still a little sag, barely noticable in the lower chest surrounding them, making the area stick out ever so slightly.  When really cold however my chest looks totally normal.

When pressing the nipple area, there is no hardness, no lumps etc, tbh it feels just like fat.  There is no tenderness, no sensitivity or pain.  When I tense my chest, the upper portion goes taught, whilst the area around the nipple doesn't, unless they are really cold.  Indeed when tensed, I can feel almost where the muscle stops and the, well what I hope is fat begins.

My diet isn't awful, but not great.  I am carrying a bit too much fat, I have some excess around the stomach area.  I do admittadly have too much sugar in my diet.  

I work out on a semi regular basis, at least 3, sometimes 5 times a week, focused mainly on weights.  I am pretty broad shouldered, despite my weight I look pretty slim, most people are shocked when I tell them my weight, most would have me at 12 stone.  I have recently started doing more cardio and watching my diet more with the intention of getting rid of the extra fat.  

From what I have described, am I just carrying too much fat?  Or is it likely I have gyno?  I am hoping that once my workout changes more from a strength oriented workout to a fat burning one, I shouldn't really have this problem anymore.  However, if it is gyno, that would put a different spin on things.  I'd be grateful for any input.


At the time when I really started noticing them, I was a massive lager drinker, drunk it loads from the age of 17-22, which caused me to put on quite a bit of weight.  Before drinking I was roughly the same height at 11 stone (154 LBs)  I havent touched alcohol in 2 years, and only drunk alcohol, small amounts 4 times in the past 4 years.
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« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2012, 12:29:41 pm »

You have the same exact thing I have.  Please post when you find out what your diagnosis is. 

When it is hot my nipples get puffy but if I pinch them or its cold the shrink to normal. 
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