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There was someone on here doing a day by day diary of his experiences with testosterone gel.

Does anyone know what happened to that (never have much luck with the search feature here)  or have any othe ideas about this gel?

dont ever take test gel, or if u run into somone taking test gel do everything in ur power to get them to stop.

i think u r talking about DHT gell.  using a test gel is pretty crazy.  considering u cant judge just how well the absorbtion rate is going to be, and test can aromytze into estrogen as well..

u gotta be a complete nut.

as far as dht goes.  dht is a powerful combatant to gyno.  the trick is to get the penetration locally down.  although taking dht not locally on ur breasts has proven to reduce gyno, the thing that i firmly believe is the best solution is to use it topically.

now there are various good penetrators.... the best one.. and i forget the damn name is the one that is in the skulpt topical forumla.  it is prescription but if u buy this product u can just use the pentrator for the purposes of getting the dht to your gland.

anyway i know somebody who reduced his gyno dramatically with dht

If you want some testosterone gel, then I have some I never used, so give me a PM. Its the stuff from the all saints clinic online.

Thanks bub, I dont think it would help me much though as my moobs seem to be mostly flab.

I was interested in the effects of the gel though as people around here keep asking for non surgical treatment and things.

Guess surgery is the way for most of us tho.


Why such an aversion to Test Gel? I met with my endo after surgery and my test levels are off the chart low. No signs of any organ problems just likely a genetic imbalance.

I'm now on Adndrogel daily. This method has a better slow release delivery system rather than injections which can spike your levels too much too quickly or the patch. All of the research I've read on building test to the "normal range" has been extremely positive including: cognitive improvement, lean muscle gain, abdomen weight loss etc.

The only real negative the doc told me was a possible increase in prostate size over long periods of time.



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