Post-Surgery Workout Instructions

Everything worth achieving in life comes with a set of rules, but if you're unsure of the reason for those rules, you may be hesitant to follow along with them. That's why we've developed this guide, to help you understand when it's okay to train again, and proper steps for healing after gynecomastia surgery. While quickly returning to your normal workout routine may seem harmless, it can lead to complications that slow down recovery. If you're hesitant on the reason for your doctor's post-operative instructions, just ask them why.

While previous post-surgery requirements required six weeks of downtime, newer surgical methods and advanced techniques are getting you back on your feet faster. Studies have found that returning to a normal workout routine as opposed to just lounging around can positively impact healing. Just remember, be gentle with your body. The return to exercise and your normal workout routine should be a slow, gradual process to keep the risk of complications low and maximize the success of your surgery.

Things to take note of:

  • Follow your doctor's instructions regarding compression or protective garments. Wearing them for the suggested time period promotes comfort and healing.
  • For a month following gynecomastia surgery, avoid workouts that exercise the area of your surgery. Don't worry, you'll still get back to your regular workout routine quickly.
  • Don't push yourself. If your body is telling you its in pain, listen.
  • If you're experiencing an abnormal amount of discomfort, aching, pain or redness, call your surgeon immediately.
  • Keep a log of questions along your workout journey to ask the surgeon at your next visit. The best ideas for post-operative care and recovery are delivered by your doctor, not a friend or workout partner.

First week post-surgery

During the first week of recovery, stay away from activities that raise your blood pressure to prevent bleeding at the surgical site. It's important to rest a lot, and...

  • Browse the internet
  • Watch your favorite shows
  • Read a good book
  • Take light walks through the park
  • You can shower 2 days after gynecomastia surgery
  • Wear your garment, day and night

Second week after surgery

The past week may have been a little boring, but don't rush back into a workout routine. You can start gradually with cardiovascular activities like speed walking, or walking on a treadmill. It's too soon to run, but establishing a good stretch routine is beneficial for next week's workouts. Light hand weights can be introduced toward the end of the week, but be gentle. You should avoid exercising the surgical area to prevent scarring and promote optimal healing.

Third week after surgery

It's finally time to start lifting again! But, start with light weights and keep your garment on while you pump iron. Each day you can increase your reps and eventually switch to machines once you feel comfortable. Remember, steer clear of the chest region while exercising. You're still healing and it's important not to irritate the surgical site.

Fourth week after surgery

When the week's over, your body will be almost back to normal at the surgical site, so it's time to gradually increase your exercise regimen. At this point, it's safe to increase weights for body parts aside from the chest and increase the cardiovascular training.

One month after surgery

Finally, it's time to pick up where you left off! Full body training is once again part of your routine. However, your body is still healing, so gradually increase the weight and level of training over the weeks to follow. At about 6 weeks post-op, you'll be close to where you were before gynecomastia surgery. During the recovery process, listen closely to your body. If something doesn't feel right, it's best not to push yourself. Discomfort, swelling, redness or infection at the operative site are a good enough reason to contact your surgeon before things get worse. Above all, be patient with yourself as your body heals and you regain your confidence and pre-operative training level!

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