A Success Story

June 8, 2001

Hey Merle,

The following is the steps I've taken against gyno. Its been somewhat effective, but I hope that the gyno. will resolve a bit more:

This is a "sort-of" solution for mild gyno. from puberty. It involves lowering estrogen levels if high estrogen levels are the problem.

I don't think that this method would be effective for severe gyno. But if you have mild gyno(point chest with fat nipples) from puberty this may help you out some.

First of all, I'm NOT a doctor. I'm just someone who suffers from gyno. You should do your own research and talk to a (knowledgeable) doctor about adjusting hormone levels and exercising.

  1. First and most important get into shape. Fat encourages higher levels of estrogen and estrogen encourages fat and water retention.
    1. I recommend lots of cardio (running, stair-master, cross-trainer*). This will tone up your body and help reduce the excess body fat that contribute to the problem. 40-60 minutes every other day.
    2. Also I recommend weight lifting. Don't just focus on the chest, a well rounded work out is necessary for healthy muscle and joint development. 
  2. An anti-estrogen like Chrysin may lower estrogen levels. Chyrsin is legal but is NOT intended to cure any diseases(*** remember I'm not a doctor ***).
    1. So far its alleviated some of the puffiness of my gyno. I suspect it won't make all the hard material go away but in conjunction with working out (I lost 45 lbs and toned up) I'd say its now somewhat acceptable.
    2. There are bunches of anti-estrogenic products out there. Many are probably not effective. You'll have to research on your own and find one that's legit.
  3. Eat healthy, don't drink too much alcohol, etc., etc. 

My nipples are smaller than they were (I hope that they reduce a little more, though) plus I now have great definition There's still hard breast tissue but the large size of my pectoral muscles help mask the gyno.

I have not found health-risks with taking anti-estrogens BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY DON'T EXIST.

***Adolescents should not mess with their hormone levels. There's too much going on in that time of your life.***

I hope this helps somebody cuz I know what a pain in the ass gynecomastia is.

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