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"You need a bra!"

That was what one of my classmates said in sixth grade when she saw me with my shirt off.  That was the first time I became conscious of my breasts developing.  I remember that first year, and not for very long, I loved my breasts, took care of them, and they looked lovely to me.  I had a green sweater that I knew showed off my little shape.  I was so happy.  I even found one of my big sister's old bras in the linen closet and secretly tried it on one day.

But after those first few months, I pretty much forgot about my breasts.

I want to tell the forum what my experiences were with my parents.  After that first joyful period, I did experience pain in my nipple area, "bumps" like everyone here mentions.  I told my mother about the lumps under my nipples, and she had our physician examine me.  But nothing happened after that.

Then main puberty kicked in a few years later, about 8th grade, and conflicts began.  I think everyone here in this forum knows what it is like.  I was never very large, but large enough to be conspicuous, large enough to get a remark like that from my classmate, "You need a bra."  I layer my clothes carefully to camouflage my shape.

Anyway, all the anger and body hate and confusion I see in some of the posts here, I have experienced that. 

OK, my mini-life story is finished for now.  I hope this helps some of the forum members who read it.  8)

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the teasing's never any fun.  if you're at peace with it, good for you, some people do, and you'll notice special acceptance boards, because since most of us really dislike this, a few people sometimes aren't that respectful if your perspective.  but it's good you're learning more about this. 
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OK, man, I see what you mean.  I just found that other area and re-posted there.  Thanks for the guidance.  I left a bit here, though... hopefully it is helpful to someone.
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