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Hey all -

I've always been a chubby kid and chubby adult. Big and strong, but also carrying a layer of flab. Sometimes I've ballooned up in size, but mostly I manage to keep my weight under control for the most part. However, there is always this shame and anger about my chest.  Much like my dad, I carry weight in the breast area. I don't think I have any "breast" tissue there, at least from what I can tell...If I press on my nipple there is nothing behind it, just a pineapple like slice of fat tissue (if that makes sense) - of course I am not a doc so who knows.
Anyways, currently stand around 5'9, 200lbs - oh and I am 38 years old.
I play sports and work out weekly.  I am mostly happy with how I look but I hate my chest and "moobs".  I also unfortunately have long arms, so bench presses, and pushups are really tough (plus my barrel chest/fat) makes them tougher.
What hurts the most are "friends" who like to make snide comments about them.  Guy friends who tease, or cruel people who just say hurtful things.  That hurts incredibly bad.  I try to hide my chest by wearing baggier shirts, but that doesn't help me look good.  If I wear nicer form fitting shirts I get self concious about myself, and become hyper focused on comments.
I also wish I would stand up to these people better and tell them to darn off. Honestly, I am much stronger and physical than any of them and could easily smash them in a fight.  But alas, we live in civilised times.

So I guess that's my story.  I can try to lose weight for the thousandth time..hoping the fat in my chest melts off (never seems to). I've lost weight over the last years, and got to buy all new jeans, but my chest stays the same. 

Is there any hope for me? Would surgery even be advisable?


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Welcome to the forum!  Here you will find many men with similar stories and similar feelings.

Your experience is not unique.  You will find many testaments to the fact that losing weight will not make your gyne disappear.  Only surgery can do that.  I have had many patients who were a bit overweight and who had gyne surgery -- only to become more motivated than ever to build muscle and lose weight.  But this time their chest will be appropriate to the rest of their body.

If you have reached a point in your life that you cannot live with it anymore, then do your research and find an experienced gyne surgeon in your area and go for a consultation.  I am sure it will be very enlightening for you.  And then you can decide for yourself whether to have surgery or not -- but at least you will have the facts.

Good luck!

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I had surgery at age 39, so glad to have it out of the way. Ofc it wont solve all your problems but it really has made a good difference to me & the way I look & my level of confidence / mood is generally much better.

Yeh guys are just like children (even at 40+) sometimes. I was with a friend the other day & his 65 year old friend was taking the piss re; my friend having 'breasts' - its crazy, surely he should know better - I guess people dont realise how bad it effects a guys confidence !!??


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