Author Topic: Yet another hellish summer.  (Read 2578 times)

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I've had gyne for as long as I can remember. I think I was about 12, anyways it was the summer of the 6th grade. I remember I still went swimming with people but it was really noticable, nobody seemed to care, we were kids. Now, it has gotten worse than ever. My self esteem has gone down the sh*ter, and basically I have lost the joy of living. I've always been quite lethargic and pissed off and basically apathetic. I think that the gyne is a side dish that I could really live without now. I'm really starting to feel horrible - worse than ever before. While all my friends are out having fun at the beach and the pool, I stay indoors and feel sorry for myself. Sometimes I think "why me?" But then I think, why not? Who else? I try and fight this but it's really bad. To make it worse, last week one of my friends touched my nipple because he does that to everyone and he says woa man you have big breasts and he started chanting it and stuff, it was hell. People are cruel creatures. If they could only understand how hard it is was to sacrifice 5 years of your life, constantly hiding and making up stupid excuses. Last year at my friends birthday, everyone was in the pool except for me, of course. I told them I was allergic to the sun and couldnt take my shirt off. Lame. Totally lame. I'm starting to feel really hopeless and I'm starting to loose it, really. The insecurity that accompanies my already ill mind really plagues me, like a disease. I'm thinking about going to a psychologist, but I have no money. Surgery would be great but then again, financial problems. So I guess I'll just continue hiding and making up stupid stories in order to get out of summer activities. This really sucks and I wish people could understand how I, and all of us, feel. :'(

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  • Gyne sucks
start saving for surgery. better starting now than regretting not starting sooner.
Please, Jesus, make my gyne go away!

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my friend i fele exactly the same..:-(
i am 23 years old and i am such a beautiful guy as the girls say, and i always had very hot girlsfriends,but i never went with friends to swim. all these eyars i was finding excuses!!

It's so sad.. now i took a loan to buy  a car (damn i wish i hadn't) so no money for the op. But with the first try i'll go do the damn op! i can't live another summer in this situation!!

I am so young, and the girls like me so much and i can't go to the [email protected]@#$ing beach!!!\

i thought to go to a psychiatrist too but it will make the things worse. I would feel like i am sick or something.

The cleverest thing for us is to save money for the operation!

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Get a credit card, get two, get the money, get the op. Mine is in 4 days!!

I'm 27, get it now!

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  • Wilma, grab the lotion, we're going to the beach!
will your parents help?

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  • Thank you Fielding
Get a second job, go to a bank, get a second credit card and get it done.  The money worries will be nothing if you get rid of your gyne.  


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