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After the surgery, then what?!!

Ever since this condition develope, I went through so much humiliation and isolation.  Like I said before, my condition isn't something that is easily hidden by just keeping your shirt on.  Now the end is finally in sight.  The date is set for August.  Still, things have changed drastically in my life.  Especially with family and so-called friends.   Also with the people in the nieghborhood I live in.

I don't know, maybe I'll move somewhere else.

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For me, I have a bad case, and I've managed to hide it this far. My op is in 2 weeks, and while I'm really excited, I just think of it as natural progression. I used to be an unhappy kid, but then I lost some weight last year...pair that with the fact that just last year I found out that I had a condition known as gyne, but more importantly that there is a cure (surgery) so since that day I've been a much happier child.

I tell my friends how I think my chest muscles stick out too far (a nice way of saying I have breasts) but they all say that they notice nothing wrong. I guess I hide it that well. The only difference is now I'll be able to go to the beach with them and take my shirt off. Life will be much easier after the op, but like I said, it's just natural progression to me.

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lol! That is a very funny way of putting it.

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Me too.  My life changed for the better the day I was driving around listening to the radio when a local plastic surgeon had a commercial on talking about a word I never heard of before.  The word was Gynecomastia.  I went home, did a yahoo search and have felt better ever since.

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10 year years ago I had a beat up car - I wanted a new one, an expensive one. I used to drive round looking at other peoples cars and I wished I had one so much. Now I've got one and it doesn't seem so important at all. There is a difference in the power of the feelings you get with wanting something and having it. This might be what your getting now- wishing for somthing for so long and now you have it (or at least very nearly), can be a anti-climax.

I had the op and the main thing I experience now is everyday things but minus the gyne hassels. I am going on holiday soon- I can think about getting a tan- swimming- wearing T shirts etc but the feelings are not exceptional. What you have is a taste of normall life ( don't give me a hard ride on the word normal), and normal is-- well normal. Not that exciting.  

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I dont think you can compair the car situ to the gyne situ. I guess it may have to do with what stage of you life you are at. For me it has changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. From women to confidence levels that has enabled me to do things that I dont think I could have done with the gyno.

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it kinda sucks tho because now you know that ya need to pay a plastic surgeon like thousands of dollars, and then there is no alternative. I wanna use knivez, but that leads to horrible complications.
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