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this is embarassing as many of u do you talk to your parents about gettin surgery, i used to be on the swim team, now i cant take my shirt off, its embarassing and is affecting my confidence enough to get surgery, it shows in my shirts, for the most part it doesnt bother me, but when i notice it i become really self-conscious, i cant go swimmiing, its obvious in ym shirts, i wanna be able to work out and show offf the results but i cant... how did u go about talkin to your parents about it...


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The first thing is they are your parents and they love you. No matter what you tell them I am sure they will understand. Just go to them or just you mom or dad whoever you feel most comftorable with and tell them there is something I need to talk with you about. Start out I have been having this problem for so long and it has affected me so much. Tell them how it has effected you, and how it has hurt you. Make sure to tell them everything you can, don't let anything be unsaid. If they don't understand or just shu you off the first thing you should do is direct them to this board and make them do some reading and research. Ask them to set up an appointment with your doctor. Go to the doctor and tell him everything. If you have had it more than 2-3 years it most likely will not go away. If you have only had it a few months or a year wait it out a little longer. It may improve but, most likely will not go away. If you need to lose a lot of weight do that first but, you said you were on the swim team so I am sure you don't. If you pass these 2 points and your doctor gives you the old wait it out talk set up your own consultation with a skilled Plastic surgeon. Some do free consulatations or have a small fee. But, do something about it the best thing I ever did was talk to my  parents about it. I have had it for 7 years now and will be getting surgery within 1-3 months time. I recently told them about it and at first the didn't know what I was talking about by I got there attention. Don't be afraid and if you don't want anyone else to know tell them to keep it between them and you. My mom and dad are always big medical problem blabber mouths so virturally my whole family knows now. But, none criticize me or think anything less of me. It will also get some weight of your chest no pun intended by telling someone. I don't care my whole family knows and now that they do my grandma will also help me out in worst case scinareo. The only people I wouldn't want knowing are my friends because most of them are dumb a****** and would probably laugh at me and I would never hear the end of it. But, I will say this again tell them and tell them now waiting can only do more harm. The faster you move the faster you can beat this. Also save some money incase you have to pay for part of your surgery or the whole thing. I wish you the best of luck and am sorry to hear the tragic gyne has struck you also. So go tell your parents they "WILL" understand. If this affects you get it taken care of and enjoy the rest of your life in hapiness. Good Luck

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my parents kinda shrugged it off, so i guess unless i can convince them to get much does surgery cost? is it covered by most insurances? mostly im just curious how much it costs

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hey. i'm with you man, i used to be part of the swim team too.. although i have a minor case, its still annoying - i just don't want to take my shirt off in public. yeah, i've been facing the same dilemma about how to tell my parents about this problem. but reading a lot of posts (a lot from concerned parents) i can understand how they just might be just as concerned about my situation as i am.

regarding costs, well for starters, where are you located? I have been doing research and it turns out that if you live in British Columbia/Ontario the Government Medical Insurance (MSP/OHIP) covers the cost for the gland removal - then you still gotta pay for liposuction. Well once you have your meeting with your PS s/he will let you know about what is advisable. If your insurance does in fact pay for the gland removal, it can cost anywher from $800-$2000. when i had first found out about my gyne, i contacted a PS in seattle (i live/go to school in vancouver) and he told me that gyne surgery (not covered by insurance) would cost me around $2000-5000 (gland removal + lipo, depending on what he feels my case was; note i never went to see this doctor in person, since i was in  asia for vacationback then). so yeah.. its not cheap if its not covered by insurance.

since my parents live in asia, i have been doing research on costs around southeast asia (as in excluding korea/japan, they are just as expensive as the states).. the costs (for complete gyne surgery, as in gland removal + lipo) range anywhere from $1,200 USD - $2,500 USD.

surgery aint cheap. but i feel that it sure as hell is worth every dime.

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Hey man I completely understand, I have kept this problem away from my parents for almost 8 years now, and I recently JUST told my mom..and I'm 20.  I was nervous as hell, but to my surprise, my mom was more worried than she was embarassed or scornful.  I told her my condition and the possibility that I may need surgery in the future, she understood perfectly, and said she would help me out as much as possible and even took the time to look at this forum.  So just understand that no matter what your parents will understand you and will accept you for who you are no matter what...I mean c'mon.. you're their son.


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