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I am a 27 year old male in good shape 5'10 180 muscular, but I have had gyno since i was a teenager.  I have read all of these posts that say to do it now don't wait.  I will only go with a good doc, but I really can barely afford it.  I was thinking Bermant or Elliot, however I live in Oregon.  I was hoping to get the surgery before April.  Does anyone know how long you have to schedule the surgery ahead of time?  Any other advice would be appreciated.  Also does anyone know how long after surgery before you can be out in the sun with your shirt off?

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Hello---usually you can resume vigorous exercise between 3-4 weeks after surgery.  You can go out in the sun within 1-2 months after surgery, but I recommend some sun screen on your chest and most importantly, sun block on the scars for six months.

Elliot Jacobs, MD
New York City

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I hear the guy above me is excellent.  If you're in oregon, maybe check out Delgado in San Fran.  Either way, you're probably in good hands.  I hear they both are good with the cannula.  :D
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