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 I have always been an athlete, and have had a good figure. I did gymnastics and wrestling for many years. after i quit gymnastics at the age of 15 I developed gynecomastia(this is not because of weight gain, i still wrestled). I am now 18 years old am about to graduate.  I have dealt with gynecomastia for 4 years. Keeping my shirt on all the time is the least of my problems. I am constantly, always, and 24/7, thinking about my nipples. when no one is around i reach into my shirt and pinch and squeeze my nipple sometimes. I do this for two reasons, one is because it makes then shrink up, and two is because i think about them all the time and i have an impulse to pinch them. when i get home i go to my mirror take of my shirt and just look at them and think DAMN IT, and WHY!!!  It stops me from being social, before i had gyne i was very social had tons of friends, girl friends, everything. I have not had one serious girl friend since my developement of gyne. i have been excepted to a good college, but i decided not to go. Instead i was going get a job, get the surgery, pay the payment with the money i make from my job, meanwhile going to a community college. Because i refuse, to live in a dorm with gynecomastia. So everything was going alright, i applied then interviewed for a job at a restuarant where i average 9 an hour, over time it will increase, plenty good enough to pay for a surgery financed over a year, especially with no rent seeing how i would be giong to a community college and living at home. i got the job, three days after i got the job i called a local plastic surgeon and set up a consultation, my parents didnt even know. my mom didnt know it was bothering me, becuase i never told her. i told my dad once two weeks prior to this, and he brushed it off, because he doesnt think they look that bad, but i do. On the morning of my consultation i told my mom. it was really hard for me to talk about it. about a week before this i had a dream that i told my mom that i wanted gyne surgery, and in my dream she said, OK, and she said she would pay for it... so there i was about to tell her for real, a moment that kept me up the night before just thinking about, wondering how she would react. She was on the phone that morning and i went up to her and asked her to hang up the phone. she did then i told her about my plan to get and finance the surgery. she said OK just like my dream. she told me to call the surgeon and cancel my consultation.  then that same day she took me to our pediatrician, who is very good. the pediatrician referred me AND MY BROTHER, because my mom asked her too, even though he wasn't there, she must have figured its bothering me that much it must be bothering my brother just as much. so as of now my mom is going to set up a meeting with a plastic surgeon that my pediatrician recommended. Me and my brother are going to go together and get it done. Now it is only a matter of time, and i can't wait. but it is amazing to know that in my near future, i am going to be rid of this curse, and that my parents are excepting of my situation. i feel blessed to have a mother like i do, she cares so much, and she even offered to help finance our surgery's. and a father who works so hard to make money and help pay for it. and now hopefully i will be gyne free for summer, finally have a fun social summer, then go to an actual college and live in the dorms, with out gyne!!!


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This is great, I am very excited for you and your brother.  You need to keep every body on the web site informed of your transformation and inspire people that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 
The surgery is worth every penney, and recover is very good, my son only had to take pain meds for 2 days, he said it was not bad at all and he felt great in a couple of days. 
You will have your life back, and it will all end up with a very happy ending.

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Awesome story my man!  Thanks for sharing...  ;)

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thank you guys for reading my story, MRS. MOM, i am happy for your son, and i am def. looking forward to surgery. I will keep everyone posted on this thread as things happen.

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Hey CGeorge1,

Great story!  I'm glad you got up the nerve to discuss this with your parents.  There seem to be a lot of guys on this site who won't confide in their folks.  I'm a plastic surgeon AND a dad, so I really try to persuade guys to be brave and talk to their parents.

Good luck with your consultation and surgery.

Keep everyone here up to date on your progress.

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hey guys, thanks for reading my story. right now i am awaiting m consultation with dr. todd morton a kiaser plastic surgeon. i am looking foward to it, it seems so far away but i know it will be here and pass before i know it. i am a little nervious about surgery, i just really want good results that look perfectly normal and last.


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