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I am a 32 yr old male and have had lumps appearing in both of my breasts...more on left side. I went to squeeze both nipples and some type of black fluid came out of them. I went to see my doctor asap. And which he ordered me to take a mammogram and which the results came back negative. I'm very much active in the gym and was taking some male muscle enhancements but was ordered by my doctor to stop. I stopped for about 2 months now but same issues.

I did some research and came upon this site and noticed to see some the same conditions that I have, which are pain when slightly touched, tenderness, puffiness, etc. I am just wondering what or what's going on with my nipples??? Thanks for any/all comments!


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There is a suspicion that some of the supplements you took may have stimulated growth of breast tissue.  Best is to immediately stop them and give it six months or so for the breast tissue to subside -- if it can.  Just be prepared that if it does not disappear, your best option would be to have surgery to remove it.

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OP - what  suppliment were you taking?


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