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First off, I'm really glad i found this bog and am grateful to you folks for sharing your stories. My story is similar to most of yours, developed the boobies since i was very young, gr. 3 or 4, dreaded going to the pool (mandatory swimming classes), changing in front of my buddies, or when the coach said skins vs shirts. But i got through it, went to uni got my degree. Am now almost 23 yo and have a well paying job.. Life goes on i guess.

There have been many attempts to diet, work out and do exercises targeting the chest to no avail. I actually became quite fit on several occasions with a nicely defined stomach, but the boobs remained. At the time most of the articles i read stated that one should work out harder, eat better and get their hormones in check. I became convined that something must be off with my hormones. So i got them checked twice. everything was in the normal range. oestrogen more towards the upper limit but so was testosterone.. This was highly frustrating, i had nothing to go after. Sure my diet maybe is not optimal, but i got in my vegetables, healthy sources of proteins and fats. I'm Arab so a lot of our food is fat dense and we also get a lot of carbs. But many of my friends were on a similar diet and they weren't struggling with moobs.

I finally gave up, after reaching 160 lbs and still having boobs I felt burnt out from all the discipline and hard work that was simply not paying off the way i wanted it to. I resigned the issue to the back of my head and ballooned up to 210 lbs my last year of uni. Upon graduation most of my cloths would not fit me comfortably and i had gotten a job within two weeks. So i committed to reducing my weight to my average of 175lbs and incorporated some exercises in my daily routine. The weight came off pretty fast (3-4 months) and i was back to 175lbs. As we all know, working out usually leads to ppl checkin themselves out in the mirror more often. And my two b cup sized boobs were like a sagging, red-eyed demon staring back at me. I decided it was time to do some real research on how to solve this fuckin problem and lo and behold came across this site :)

After about a day of frantic reading, i decided the next day i would call Dr. Fielding and Dr. Lista's clinics to get an appointment, and i did. I only had to wait about a month to see them and i managed to coordinate them, one day after the other. I found several surgeons in Montreal who perform the surgery, but barely any testimonials, and no before and after pics. If I'm going to do this, I'm going with the best.

My initial thoughts were, lista's method avoids any scars around the nipples which seemed like a no brainer to me. But then fielding also had so many good testimonials. I was really torn about this.
As a quebec resident, we are of course special, so unlike other canadians, when i do surgery in ontario, it is not covered. My understanding from talking with the nurse at fieldings office, i could either try and claim it from my health insurance provider or just deduct it as medical expense on taxes (including the cost for travel) so id get maybe 30-40% back.. not sure, havent done the calculation yet.


Anyway so i took the train and headed to toronto about 3 weeks ago for my consultations. My first one was with Dr. Craig. I got there a little early, waited for about 20 mins or so. There was another young dude around my age who was also probably there for gyne. Anyway i was slightly anxious havign read so much about him. But he almost immediately put me at ease with his friendly confident demeanor. He asked me several questions, when i got it, what my expectations are, what my background is, etc. i rather enjoyed the conversation. He immediately remarked on the asymmetry of my gyne which i was aware of. I asked if he could assess how much was fat and how much was breast tissue, he told me you really cant tell until doing the actual surgery. He explained the procedure. I informed him of my concerns about scarring. Bottom line, with this surgery there will be scars. How well they heal will depend on several factors including genetics, ethnicity, age, health, etc. He told me that his assessment based on my skin tone (pretty pale) and the fact that i am of Mediterranean desc3nt, it should heal really well and will probably wont be noticable and that most of his patients dont really have an issue about it. He also assured me that for my case he would be able to get me good results which is not necessarily the case for everyone. We ended the consult and i was already 90% sure i was going to do the surgery with him. So i went back to the nurse, the earliest appointment was only 3 wks ahead, the next was 4 wks!! I booked the one in four weeks and told the nurse id confirm tomorrow and pay in full.
The total cost came up to $4,418  + $100 for consultation

Next day i went for my appointment with lista. It was a free consult and i had to take the train to go to Mississauga. Place seemed nice, staff was def very friendly. As a young guy i felt a little uneasy around several of the older buxom women.. Anyway so i waited an hour, met with the nurse, told her why i was there, they offered my a drink. Then i met with Lista. He seemed professional. Straight to the point, why are you? let me see, yes its gyne, and we can take it all out. Any questions.. nope not really, ive read pretty much everything online. Ok great thanks, bye. Pretty much took 2 mins. Nurse came back to discuss logistics. I could have the surgery done in around the same time frame as dr Fielding and it would cost me $6,667.. and i checked with her, none of it is tax deductible..

For only 2000 less upfront i could get the surgery without nipple scars (after tax deductions prolly 3500). For lista you could arrange the payment online. Fielding it had to be in the office.
my train back to mtl was in about 4 hrs. So i basically had 2 hrs to make a decision.

Honestly i was hoping for some sure sign from the universe clearly indicating which is the right choice. That didnt happen, both seemed competent. So after about an hour of frenzied contemplation and phone calls, I ended up going with Dr. Fielding. I just felt more comfortable with him as a surgeon, and plus, I'm more at ease doing a surgery in a hospital which is probably much better equipped to handle any emergencies in case of complications. Also i happened to have just seen Grandpa Buba's nipple scars and someone elses and they were barely noticeable even in close up of them. So i went back to fielding's office and paid using my mastercard. probably the single most important purchase ill ever make with it!
I have nothing negative to say about dr. Lista, on the contrary the people there treated me very well, i just personally felt more comfortable with Fielding.

Anyway, i know how you boys love before and after pics, so i will def provide them, including a close up of the nipple scar once i have it.

My surgery is in a week and a half. Will update after the procedure.

BTW dumb question, but do u think shaving would make the surgery easier?? i rly dont want to have ingrown hairs under my nipple

Here are the pre-op pics

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You made a great choice! I had a great experience with Fielding.....i'm just under two months post OP, still healing I think but the results are pretty great.

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Congrats Mike! your results look great.

So as promised here are the post op pics.
Surgery went great, pain is very minimal and really not an issue. I was walking around dt toronto the next day for a couple hours with no problem.
Pain meds did make me constipated though and the laxative was useless, so i stopped taking them. I was mostly using them bc they helped me sleep anyway.
At 3 weeks, still quite a bitof swelling.
My left nipple started to hurt as i got sensation back and it rubbed against the tight compression vest.
Right one still numb, kinda feels inflated like when your dentist injects you w local anesthesia only in the nipple ;p
Still feel lumps. Trying to massage them everyday twice, 2 mins each boob.
Nipples are a little cracked, but will hold off on any judgements till i feel the lumps have disappeared.

There is an odd kind of deflation under the nipple in the left chest, again will wait till the swelling goes down some more though.

All in all, i could not be happier. The scars do not look like they'll be a problem at all. That was one of my main concerns but they have been placed really skillfully that in time i highly doubt it will even be noticeable.

I finally wore some of my slim fit shirts and polos i had hidden in my closet to work and did not worry about the wind blowing my direction in the street! that alone is worth the $5000

I really wish someone sat me down 10 years ago and told me, "son, the only way ur getting rid of those moobs is by surgery!"

So much time wasted..

In a week or so, once all the discoloration and lumps are gone i shall start 1-2 weeks intensive cardio and endurance training before joining crossfit nxt to my work. Dr. Fielding told me i should be able to do high intensity exercise in 3 weeks, but i dont think im ready for it now. Tried doing a pull up a while ago and it hurt when i raised my hand up.

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I have that left dent too, some days it looks better than others, im exactly two months post OP today

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I have that left dent too, some days it looks better than others, im exactly two months post OP today

Great results man! If you hit the gym then your chest and body will look great!  :)

My case was slightly more minor than the OP's. I'm 10 days post-op and I have similar dents on both sides, but only when I flex. The past few days I've been reading threads on the internet about post-op experiences and it seems pretty normal to have scar tissue and swelling for many months after surgery. I'm going to wait another week or two before I start massaging but I'm hoping with time that the lumps will disappear. Having felt, squeezed, and generally charted my gynecomastia over the years, the hard lumps feel nothing like the shape and consistency of my former breast tissue. It's really scary though because there is still some puffiness in the nipple because of the swollen tissue.

The numb nipple sensation is so strange! I'm starting to get feeling back and they're becoming extremely sensitive like they've been rubbed raw.

I have a similar nipple scars as you. My nipples look a little misshaped at the moment but I think once the incision heals completely and the swelling subsides that it will look much more normal. I didn't have nearly as much bruising as you - did you have lipo and incision?

Did you have any internal burning sensation at any point in the first week post op?

Dude ... even without being completely healed yet ... the first few days after surgery when I put on a t-shirt and saw my nipples weren't prominently poking out with a distinct cone shape ... I cried ... thinking of the 10+ years of my youth that I wasted worrying 24/7 about my chest everywhere I went. This is a serious condition that all medical insurances should cover due to the potentially tremendous psychological damage and stunted social development it causes.


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