Author Topic: unilateral surgery in Illinois.. consultation 2.5 weeks away!!  (Read 825 times)


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been trying to get this done since age 16. im 22 now and i cant believe im finally going through with getting to see a doc. i saved the money all by myself.. im not quit sure how much it will cost but i live in Illinois.. and i have more then 5 thousand to spend..

if it cost more ill have to wait.. but i herd its cheaper for unilateral? is this true?

im new here and just wanted to stop by will update EVERY step of my surgery.. and will tell you guys the price i get quoted.. what sucks is that in my area there are about 3 guys that can do the surgery.. and none of them have a lot of pictures of gyno surgeries they have done..

should i be worried about that? or could it be that they just were not allowed to take pics of everyone they have done?

any chicago doctors around let me know what u normally would charge for it.. im about 150lbs.. should i be paying anymore then 5gs?

thanks for reading .. thanks for any help or advice guys..  ;D



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