Author Topic: two surgeries and going for the 3rd!!!  (Read 2770 times)

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well.... tell me what you think of this.
I had massive breasts since the age of about11. I was in a treatment jurney with my mom who suffered at the time with rheumatism in czech republic. Her rheumatologist suddenly became an endocrinologist and gave me testosterone injections to "induce puberty"!!!!
Since then I have been paying the price. Massive breasts....
Aged 18 I went to the UK to study. aged 22 I decided enough is enough. I went to a breast surgeon and had the surgery.
I thought when I wake up from the surgey the nightmare will be over. It wasn't, it really became a double nightmare. The son of a b***h took toooooooo much of the breast tissue off, leaving me with the most disgusting irregular and concave chest and inverted L nipple.
I slept on that for another 3 yrs. I went to the same surgeon and showed him the end result of his assistant work. He offerred an adipose flap but for some reason I asked for silicon implants!!
I did it, I had silicon implants inserted again by another assistant.....My chest became lage againe with irregular surface and the damn L nipple was still inverted!!!
I slept on that for another 7 years. Now these implants will need to come off soon before they melt and cause more damage.
I am not in the UK now but rather in the middle east!!
I contacted so many surgeons over the net and sent them my photos. The majority gave me funny suggestions like do nothing or liposuction....It seems that they all forget that the implants have to come off.
I found a surgeon in Egypt. Prof. Of plastic surgery and head of the egyptian Society of plastic surgeons there. Sent him my photos and he thinks he could solve it.
I am flying to cairo to have my surgey in 2 wks, this will be my last what ever it takes.....I will accept no more.

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good point. I think I am trapped between the devil and the deep blue see. UK now is out of the question after my previous experiences.
Europe.. well I found couple of interesting places and they are keen to help, but the distance (esp that I am alone) and expences are beyond my abilities. USA is very far.
The best practical option is what I am going for. To be honest for some reason I trust the man!!!
Any way...I ll still think again and again as you advised. Ta


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