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first of all , i am a hk people , my english is not very good
enough .

i get gyne since 10 years old dut to thyroid gland have problem ( in this time i was just 35KG) , it is a  mild
case . when i become fat , the problem become more
and more . now i am 17 year's old . in these 7 years
, there are not many prople notice my different .
they also don look me at a monster (at least in the
school ) . they have think that i am bigger thean other
but they also don care this...i also go play sport (but
not swimming due to this problem).. In pe lesson
i just wear two T shirt....when i go out . i also wear
T-shirt . If u say no i notice ...i can say it really have some people notice but i don care. i think that i must face this problem. in my 13 year old ...i always worry
about this ..i think the god is unfair..but now my mind was change....IN HK i cant buy any compress wear ...
now i reduce my weight form 75 to 70KG..................
my objective is 50.....i would never thing it will make me worse....

And the other ,  i have see some people story and
photo....i think that most of people get this problem due to eat junk food and do not do exercise....come of gyne
brother always worried about it ...i think we should
look to the positive way...i agree that gyne is very
suck....but -ve thing won't help it...i think gyne make
me try the best to do anything ... i need to study
more 6 years before go out working.....i will earn
the money to cut this parent don have
money to do the surgey...i  will hard work in anything a "builder" to earn money....and if my son also
get this problem...i will never don have any money
to help him....THAT ALL



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It's good that you are not letting it get you down, that you have a positive outlook.

Good Luck dude.  :)

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I wish you the best of luck!
Surgery date: February 8, 2006

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Your right I got it wrong when I was your age, I did let it worry me. I am so glad that you have a good plan. Do you live in Turkey I am a bit stupid what is HK?

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probably hong kong.  welcome, turok.  
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* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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yes ....HK mean hong kong
i think that in asia there are too little people have
In CHINA , many people try to may bigger their breast
(i don know what the guy is thinking)

today i get my PE lesson in this year
also no people notice that and look me at

but , i fell there are something wrong
i was reduce my weight form 75
to  69....i don know is it my feel...
i feel i make them more easy to make
other people notice


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