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 My story I had a little puberty gyno on the right side, was removed with a gland excision when I was military ten years or so ago. Guess what at 30 after using a legal supplement I got one left puffy nipple, and the side that had the gland remove did not get puffy but started to look curved like a female breast. While they were not the most prominent I noticed.

I was a heavy lifter, 6.0, 220 lbs 13% body fat on the high days. Great shape but if I hit a hot tub or warm day the left nipple was puffy and the right side looked fat. I put doing this off for 6 years, trying everything to get rid of it, like eating hormone free foods, stopping anything with parabens or flouride. Nothing worked. After someone said I looked really huge but had man boobs I got mad and made the call. (GF said she did not notice anything).

I worked with Dr. Delgado in SF and just set it up. The surgery was normal no complications, etc. After about three weeks my left chest that had no prior surgery looks like a professional body builders. You have no idea what gyno does do a pec until you get it out of there. The gland was excised and lipo was done, it looks excellent. The other side did not have a lot of gland but had fatty tissue. This was the second time this one was cut so may have to wait on the final since it is swollen but it does not look as round. Both look like a chest should, the left looks like a lifters chest and is actually folding over like one. The before pics and just now at three weeks are worlds apart.

First lesson if you do it get it done right, the Right side will probably not be perfect like the left since its a second op, but still will look good I believe after the swelling goes away.

If you just have puffy nipples, 100% yes get this done, the chest looks perfect afterwards.

I cant stress this enough, I was the on the fence for years, it is worth every cent. And if you want a good Doc, Dr. Delgado in San Francisco was wonderful. If you can come to Cali use him, but either way get a good doctor and get it done right the first time. Don't look for discounts in this procedure.


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glad to hear that. can you share some pics?


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