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jeez, that sounds prosecutable.  does your dad know? 

Does he know what? That my mom is spending on her own stuff instead of me going to my university? Nope, I had to lie about it and told him I was going to a university, but yah I'm actually going to a community college.

Or do you mean does he know if I have gynecomastia? He doesn't suspect that I do and I haven't told him.

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i meant about the fraud, you'd think she could get a criminal conviction for it.  you're the one being short changed, how hard would it be for him to "accidentally" get a hint about how he, and you with him, is getting ripped off? 
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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my family is very poor. I'm working my way community college in hopes to transfer to a 4 year school next year. Iv had gyne for 10 years, I am now 20. My gyne really made me self consious in bed, Im a skinny fellow with gyne that is 90% gland so it makes me look even more abnormal. But basically I was so worried about how the girls thinks of my chest that even when shes naked in front of me I cant be comfortable having sex. It literally took all my focus to stop thinking of my gyne, unless it was dark or I wore a undershirt..but comon thats just lame. I felt like I was in love her, she was the greatest girl I've ever met but basically she left me because one time I failed to preform in bed really bad and it was really akward. I explained everything to her, she was the first person I came open with. She told me she loved my body, and thought I was making excuses and things have never been the same. Since that day in june, I finally said enough is enough, I'm not going to let this ruin my life. I talked to my dad, told him EVERYTHING. you just have to not really care what they think, their your parents they love you so much. Now he agreed to give me 6500 for my surgery from is retirement money. I feel a little bad for this but he is very happy to do so, says he lost way more than that from the recession, and really puts no value on my happiness. My surgery will be in sept. and I'm so excited for next summer. it's all thanks to my girl leaving me and this site.
f*ck gyne

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I'm surprised at how many of us are victims of bad parenting. You are not alone and it will build your character and make you stronger in the long run. My parents ridiculed me for 1 year before finally helping me pay for surgery only for the Surgeon to completely darn up my chest and make it looks like a Clive Barker film. Now I'm saving up again to do it on my own. Lifes a bitch but you have to keep moving forward. Your suffering will be legendary even in hell.

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wow, you guys have some sad stories. no one should be ridiculed for anything, least of all a physical condition. damn.  but I have to say that the positive attitude coming through in your stories is even more impressive.  my hat's off to you all.  yes, got to keep moving forward.

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Told my parents, they dont care. No way in hell I could come up with the surgery money on my own, just going to kill myself truly is the only way out with gyne when you are poor :(.

this same thing happened to me.  i tell my mom and my dad.  they knew about it.  all they did was talk to my cousin who is a nurse, who told them that it would go away soon.  been over a year since that and have had this for almost 3 years.  im not fat at all, so it is the glandier type.  but my parents can't afford it, won't afford it, and tbh just don't give a damn.

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I remember when I told my mom. It was about 5 years ago and it was after going to a doctor's appointment. The doctor noticed the gynecomastia and asked if I had ever had a mammogram, then had me set up to have a mammogram done. So I go to my parent's house and told my mom that the doctor wants me to have a mammogram because of having breast development. My mom was not concerned because of the Gynecomastia but because was thinking the doctor wanted the mammogram done due to a possibility of breast cancer, which was not the case fortunately.

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i'm 26 and this thread really helped me tell my parents about my gyne. it was a lot easier to talk about it than i thought it would be. i mean, you're totally right. it's your parents! and that's how i looked at it. i told my mom and my dad soon after. i told them how much it would be to get it done and they're helping me pay for it. dr jacobs is operating on me in less than a month!

tell your parents! i wish i knew what the heck gyne was when i was in high school so i could have taken care of it then!


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