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Hi, and great to finally be a part of this amazing forum.  I have been a viewer of this forum for quite some time now, and i am eager to see what i can offer and be helped with,through this forum. Its great to "get this off my chest" since i have never opened up my condition to anyone..

stats: 190lbs 5'10 muscular with some excess body fat approx 13%
I have been going to the gym for about 3 years now and have been increasing in muscular size. Despite this body advance my gyne if anything has only gotten worse.  My gyne is about a 5-6 in my opinion comparing with some of the pics of ppl on this forum.

My story: 
I am a 18 year old university student in Saskatchewan Canada.  I have had gyne for as long as i can remember.  As a young teen i always wore a tshirt in the pool or water parks, and this problem has only escalated.  Through reading the stories on this site i have found that most posters seem to have family/friends that know about their gyne.  In my case i have not told anyone ever about my condition. (also nobody has ever told me about or asked or made fun of my condition).. With this said, i have felt extremely isolated and almost as if i am fighting a losing one man battle.  The constant daily stress from my gyne has been extremely harsh this past year as the gyne has further developed.  Not to sound like a cry baby, but currently i have hit an all time low, with my mom coming out of a major surgery, and my social life diminishing... The gyne is holding my life at a stand still, where i cannot really advance my life.  I feel as though i will not be able to mentally last much longer. 

This is why i have contacted my family doctor for the first time about my gyne,4 days ago.  He told me that he would arrange a certain PS to view my case.  At the moment i am anxiously awaiting the call from the PS to get the ball rolling on gettin rid of this heavy burden.  This is where i am at today. and i can't wait to get this gyne off my chest.

If anyone has any information on good PS's in Saskatchewan Canada, this would be very appreciated. My current family doctor has suggested Dr.Pfieffer (sp?), if anyone knows anything about this PS or his history that information would also be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks very much to all of you who read my story, it means alot to me to get my story out and in the open.  Any feedback would be awesome.  I will keep posting with regards to my progress.

Thanks, D.


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that's great you've been able to do all that, not an easy step, and the site's a real help.  my sibs got a look once or twice but that was it and it pretty much got forgotten.  must be a real relief to get the booking going. 

you could site-search pfeiffer with the engine at the top of the page, though i'm not sure if it'll cover all the way back before the boards upgrade, but try it.  also, did you see the canada find/discuss surgeons board further down the main page?

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thanks headheldhigh01 for the response.  I haven't checked that thread out yet, but i am doing so now... I'm assuming there won't be much on Saskatchewan PS's, but who knows.  ;).


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