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i found this website around 3 months ago....i didnt know what the helll was wrong with me and thought i was a freak. But since reading peoples stories and seeing how many things i had in common with everyone on these forums i have been to the doctor and plastic surgeon, my surgeries in 3 days and i cant wait. So i just would like to say thank you to everyone who has posted topics and told their stories u have helped me tremendously  ;D it takes a very brave person to let other people know what you are going through and i hope i can help other people with the same condition that in 3 days will be history. Thanks again.


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Hope it goes well and looks great, let us know how you get on  :)

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don't have to tell you to check back, but remember not to be put off by any bruising or swelling in the short term.  good luck.   :)
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Congrats on the surgery!


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