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Like many other people, I have been lurking on this site and reading stories and garnering all kinds of information about this condition.

I was thrilled not just to learn that there was something that could be done about this, but that I was not some kind of Carnival Freak Show member for having this condition.  It is amazing how isolated a person can feel from this, and then become terribly withdrawn.

I had my condition for a God-awful long amount of years, until two years ago.  I ran into an amazing Endocronologist (Dr. Weisler - Thank You!)  You can imagine how embarrasing it is when your female Endo asks to feel your "breast"... nothing sensual or sexually exciting about that I assure you.  Anyway, she ran a battery of tests on me, and after ascertaining things, she let me know I was a candidate for surgery.  

Enter Dr. S. Berger of Encino (Thank You Dr. B!!!).  He is a awesome and empathetic surgeon.  And it was great that he KNEW what he was doing.  I had surgery just before Christmas and the change is just simply amazing.  I do have scars that will eventually go away, and....there was some swelling and the scarring of tissue.  It has reduced quite a bit in the four or so weeks post surgery.  My biggest challenge was fluid build up.   I had tubes and a drain installed - but they were removed within 5 days.  I am wearing a compression shirt these days and so far, the fluid build-up seems to be coming under control.

I just thought I would share my story - sorry it is so long - and also thank all the frank and forthcoming members of this site... and of course it's creator.  You have truly saved and restored a life.




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