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Ok, here we go. This is the very first time I write in this board. But believe me, I have done a lot o reading the last three months or so. So this is my story.

I´m in my mid-thirties and I am Swedish. I realized I had gyne like five years ago, a doctor friend mentioned it in passing. Over the last year the problem got worse, or maybe it just seemed worse. But then I found this site. Phew, what a relief! I knew earlier that I wasn´t alone but this was something entirely different!

Well, things happened quickly. I learned more and more about gyne, picked up some courage and on one day in May this year, I found myself sitting at an plastic surgeons office in Stockholm. She explained the procedure and how common it really is.

Fast forward: wednesday last week, I´m in the same clinic. The staff is amazing, professional, friendly and funny. They chat with me, and I experience the most fascinating Time Machine Experience: suddenly I´m awake in another room with a mild numb feeling to my chest. But nothing serious. After a few hours I go home. Some aching the first nights but definitely no torture.

And today I had a check up. She said everything looked fine and that I´ll go there again in six months to do a last check.

But now to the bottom line: you pre-op guys, I know the feeling and the in´s and out´s of this condition. I was scared before the operation but it really was a walk in the park.

So: if you have the money just DO IT! It will be worth it.

Today I went shopping for new clothes. And when I realized I could buy ANY shirt regardless of pattern or color I almost got a tear in my eye. But then, I didn´t buy anything cause I have a whole wardrobe full of unused shirts and stuff that now look really good on me. Ok, I know it´s gonna get a little worse before it gets better (anticipate swelling) but it has already been worth it.

Best luck to you all pre-op´s! And yeah, the price: approx 3300 USD. It´s possible to have it done free in sweden but I figured I´d rather skip the waiting and get over and done with. And for this I am very happy right now...

So that was it. Nothing new, really, except maybe for the Swedish angle. Thank you all at this forum for your help! Good luck! And feel free to ask if you have any further questions, I´ll gladly try to answer them as best I can.


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Congrats dude!!!   ;D

Thanks for posting your story....

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I'm in Sweden too, plan to have my gyne operated this year. Who was your doctor, clinic?


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Swedish too. I can recommend Plastikkirurggruppen at Sabbatsbergssjukhus in Stockholm. Private clinic with very good staff and very good references. Im very happy with my result.
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