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Probably posted it in the wrong place earlier...

I've been in a relationship (my first) since january and we went sexual from June. The first time around I wore adhesive (sticky) bandages that covered my pecs and gave a firmer/flatter appearance - i usually do that if I want to wear a tight shirt - I have puffy nipples. I told her I had sore nipples from all my cardio and martial arts workouts; she didn't mind at all.

Then in July we went to brighton (seaside) for 3 days, the first night we got to the hotel (I chose not to wear bandages...), after a few pauses, I finally told her my problem and why i was wearing the bandages. I showed her and let her felt my pecs to know what I mean (differentiating the gland from the muscle). My case isn't SO bad, but puffy nipples can still be seen. She, while stroking my hair and showing some TLC said she doesn't mind at all but she understands what I must be feeling as I told her I'm still not comfortable with them even if she can accept it and the reason why i told her I'm not a 'swimming type of person'...We made love :)

Something to also note is that my nipples are very sensitive and whenever I want to 'play' I can't help but rub them at the same time. She has discovered this and gives me great pleasure in doing it for me. :)

What i wanted to get across here is that, I understand your pain, especially if you want to embark on a first relationship like me (at 21!). But what you should realize is that good women can be very understanding and to them this issue that we are so so concerned about really means nothing to  a lot of them. So don't let this gyno crap take full control of your ONE life to live. You will regret it.


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Wow, I can't thank you enough for sharing this King. Makes me feel a lot better as I get closer and closer to telling my own gf. I hope her reaction is as good.

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Thanks for this King, I've been putting off a relationship for ages (and not actively looking for once, even when I knew people were intrested) because of gyno (Im 20). But now I had my opp (only 5 days post op), so hopefully the results are all good and I can start to be normal again!!!

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I can so relate to your story. If I had low testosterone levels I'd probably shed a few tears as I write this. I think the hardest thing about gyne is what we think girls think about it. And even when we find the balls to tell them our problem/secret/insecurity, and even after they accept it and tell you it's no big deal...we still make a big deal about it...

I got lucky that my gyno didn't keep me from getting with girls but I still feel unconfortable sometimes while having sex with the shirt certain positions girls will grab onto my chest and I'll try to ignore the thoughts of her grabbing on my gyno but it still makes me feel weird.

Most of us people with gyno know that we're more self conscious than anyone else but even with that knowledge we stay self conscious which obviously hurts inside.....

When we go shopping we have to find shirts that make the chest more inconspicious, or tug at our shirts to keep the shirt from revealing and little stuff like that...

IT all sucks

When I use the word "we" I mean me...but hopefully I'm not the only one who's ever felt that way...and it would be nice to accept my gyne and learn to live with it 100% before I get the surgery....
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