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I am 17 and I work out at the gym every day. I messed around with m-drol from CEM. I used Max Muscles "Max Anabol" for a thirty day post cycle. I cycled in the beggining of march and ended in the beggining of april. I only did a thirty day cycle. I did PCT for the thirty days following my cycle. In mid june, I started noticing my arm hair to change darker color and I started growing my stash a little. I now have to shave every day versus barely ever in march. I started also noticing in june that my once fat man boobs had nipples that ressebled gyno. I can feel a gland under the nipple about the circumfrence of a quarter. Is this gyno from puberty? Gyno from the pro hormones? And will it go away on its own or with exercise? Or will I need surgery?


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could  be either, but any time you mess around with roids you take the risk it'll throw things off enough to induce gyne.  in your shoes i'd see an endocrinologist, tell him exactly what i was doing/cycling, and see if he can bring it down, but i don't think what's there is going to go away on its own now, and definitely not on account of exercise no matter what started it.  if you're lucky he might be able to normalize things enough so it'll shrink a little.  but get on top of it sooner instead of later.   
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