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I had my consultation the other day, I also had one on a recent trip to Thailand. Surprisingly the price was actually more in Thailand than in Australia, unlike most surgical procedures.  The consultation in Thailand was brief and not reassuring at all, there was talk of nipple relocation and this was a bit scary as I didnt think it needed that.

So my consultation in Australia went much better, I was told by my doctor that I had "quite prominent" Gyno, My heart sunk has he said it because the tone of his voice told me he was trying to make me feel better so i figure its probably worse than I thought even though I did think it was bad. Ive had it for about 17yrs and the last one or two its gotten from only wearing certain shirts to tapinh my nipples down and wearing jackets.  He took photos and then sat down for a chat, he ordered a blood test for a hormone check and any other thing i guess. He told me not only do i need the excision but also the lipo and because there will now be alot of excess skin i will end up with a "puckered" scar around my nipple and maybe a vertical one from the bottom of my nipples to the bottom of my chest.  Not what i wanted to hear =( I really want to walk around shirtless without worying about gyno or scars, surely the scars will arise just as many questions. But I guess I'll still be able to at least wear what i want. My biggest regret is not finding out about gyn and the surgeory earlier when my gyn was smaller , I wouldnt have to have the extra procedure and scars from the stretched skin.



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