Author Topic: Surgery with Levick complete, vest off, looks good!  (Read 1288 times)

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I'd just like to start by saying thanks to everyone on this site. I've been a silent observer for a few months now. It was thanks to the comments on this site that i finally decided to take the leap and have the surgery with Levick. Had the surgery last Wednesday, so glad i did now, just taken the vest off and it looks awesome! Bit lumpy but he said it would be.
Did anyone else find that their nipple/s looked a little sunken between the areola? I think its just because the areola itself is a bit swollen and puffy. Probably gonna ring him 2m as i have a few other questions i didn't ask at the time.
Not much bruising although i have a rash like a tyre mark and the first night at home i think i slept on my right arm because my shoulder has been killing all week so ive been taking the painkillers for that as much as the surgery. Trying to be really careful not to drop my arm down too fast now ive got the vest off, causing a jarring pain in my right shoulder blade, anyone else experience this or pains in other places due to the surgery? 
Anyway, thanks again to everyone on this site for all the encouragement you never knew you were giving me  :)


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no pain in shoulder mate, had the surgery with Mr levick yesterday.

Still a bit sore - but nothing too bad. just moving slowly !!!

I would expect some lumpiness there for a good few weeks or months, in your info pack it should say to do some gentle messaging etc. gl

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Congrats on having the surgery! Feels great, doesn't it!?!  The healing process can be a real emotional roller coaster. Be prepared for changes in your chest. Temporary sunkeness, lumps, etc. is all normal. I recommend keeping a log of the changes in your chest. Another school of thought is to pay no attention to it for at least 6 months.  Personally, I kept a journal on this site to share my experience and to keep my sanity!

Just know, final results take time. Don't push yourself too hard to perform rigorous physical activites in the early stages.


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