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Im not sure if theres a thread for the topic, but i want to know how much people that have gone through the surgery paid.

Any others, how much did the doctors tell you it was going to cost?

Im 20 almost 21, and i need the surgery for my profession and the cashflow is what's gonna hurt! one of my friends got the procedure and cost him over 9,000!


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most people on here seem to pay around 6-7000

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Paid $6500.00 in Colorado

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I paid $4,800. Where do you live?

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$6700 with top ranked guy, chicagoland area.

Not sure if it affects cost, but mine will be performed in house at the doctors own certified operating room at his offices, with MD anesthetist attending.  I suspect if it was performed in a hospital the cost would go up.  

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Hello, this is my first time posting. I had surgery the 1st of march and it cost me  3600. That was just outside of Pittsburgh. Dr. Johns. really happy with results!


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