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I finally had my long awaited surgery on February 22nd.

I'm 20 years old and have had gynecomastia since I was 15. I was always pretty small for my age and was just a late bloomer in general. When I got my growth spurt from 5' 0" to 5' 4" or so in a relatively short amount of time is when I got my moobs. My doctor said that it would go away and was probably due to the rush of testosterone my body got and it turned some into estrogen. It never went away and so I became extremely reclusive and depressed. A depression I thought would go away when I had surgery. Turns out my gynecomastia was like a chain holding me down to the bottom of the ocean - only now can I begin my journey swimming upwards.

Here are some before and after pics. A little info: I'm now 5'10" 130 pounds and have been since I was 18.

Sorry for the bad quality of before pics, I had to take a picture of a picture. Inception style..

Before Front

Before Side

Before Side 2

Before Side 3

I'm pretty satisfied with my results. I am currently around 11 weeks post op and scar tissue has definitely formed - at least I hope it is scar tissue. It is tender to the touch which is alarming but I'll just have to wait and see. The first 6 weeks were filled with extreme anxiety. Hell, the 2nd week post op is when I had my first panic attack thinking it would just come back again or that I would have a crater deformity, etc. Anyways, here are the after photos.

After Front

After Side

After Side 2

I had my surgery done in Seattle, WA.

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