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Hi all,

I'm 37y/o and been suffering from gyno as far as I can remember.
After numerous non-invasive attempts (all failed) I decided to go for a gyno removal op in 2 weeks time.
I currently live in Bkk and after an intensive research I'm confident that dr. Amorn Poomee (Bumrungrad Hospital) is the right person.
I've read many positive reviews on him and I was very happy by his consultation (I had few others here and there in the past but none of the previous doctors made me confident as dr, Amorn).

As you can see from the pics below my gyno isn't too bad and he actually gave me 3 options:
- no surgery
- lipo
- lipo + glandular excision

I decided to go for the latter.
Despite he reassured me by the quality of his post-op vest (included on the total op cost of about 4,8k US$), i still decided to get one from underworks and it looks definitely better to me.

I have rounded shoulder which are caused by the bad posture I've been keeping for years in order to limit my gyno more visible and the gyno affected my self confidence in the past therefore I really can't wait to get a new me.

My main concern at the moment is the post op, since, excepted from my gf, no one know about the surgery and I would like to keep it as secret as possible.

I'll probably call myself sick in the first few days, hoping that the vest won't be visible for the rest of the weeks that I'm supposed to wear it.

I'm getting a bit anxious as the time passed by and I'm close to the surgery but I have to say that this forum helped me.

I'll keep you posted!!


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I second the good luck, but would like to add that, believe it or not, the surgery is the easy part!

After the surgery, follow the post-op instructions what ever they may be to help in your recovery and here is the big one! You have to be very patient! You can wait not days, not weeks, but months to finally see a finished result of you surgery! You will see different changes along the way as your healing moves along, but don't panic right away most changes are normal and not all the same with each person.

Once again, good luck and God bless!


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Thank you very much guys!

Bob: thanks a lot for the advice, I've been reading a lot of this forum (and some others) on the matter and therefore I'm aware of the post OP process.

One thing that impress me about the surgeon i choose is that he's very popular for his stitching skills.
He told me that he stitch in three different layers on the inside and by the look of his patient pictures and by reading some reviews, all were praising him for that and for the quick recovery.
Obviously I'm not expecting instant result though.

Regarding the vest, I order one from underworks - i tried it on and despite i fit perfectly on the M size from their site, it seems pretty tight.
My only concern is that I will struggle wearing it here in Thailand due to humidity and heat.

Do you guys suggest me to wear a t-shirt underneath the vest in order to avoid to wash it daily?
Do you think I would be able to cover it up with friends and relatives? what's are your experience?

I'm actually planning to go to Europe for few weeks soon after the surgery (a week or so) as at least I will have less discomfort in there with the cold weather.

Any suggestion is welcome, thanks again!!


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Your chest dont look so bad actually........

Same issue here, i have problem wearing the stupid garment lol.........just done my surgery, 2 days post op :)

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Let me tell u that compression vest really sucks
i mean u know that it is essential but still hate it, anyways best luck 4 ur life ahead i got beautiful results and cannot express my joy in words

follow doctors instructions, no tough work after surgery and most important do not think much about the complication others talk about.
be optimistic and the results will be good, have a thorough talk with the surgeon

And one suggestion how to utilize days after the surgery when u r not allowed to do work
the best thing to do in those 25-30 days is planning about thing u wanna do but was unable to do bcoz of gyno.
have a plan to learn them for eg the 1st thing i wanna do is to learn swimming and the list continues.

all the best


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