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I got my surgery done 6 weeks back from Dr Ramachandan. I think I really owe a lot to this forum and my story is very similar to many of the posts which I have read. I can relate to all – wearing thick shirts, walking with slight hunch, change room woes etc, etc.

I am from Delhi and got my surgery done in Chennai.  I will try to update my progress for next six months here, hopefully it helps many others similarly as it helped me.

I had a phone consultation with my doctor as he was from different city. I had read about him on this forum and I felt kind of very confident post speaking to him on phone.
Here are few of my pre-op pics –

pre-op album link - http : //

Surgery Day – I had an early morning surgery, excision plus lipo with general anaesthesia. General Anaesthesia was the most overwhelming part of surgery. It enters your veins and before you try to come to senses time vanishes and you realise you are out in recovery room. My surgery went well and I was walking in recovery room after couple of hours.  I was discharged after 5 hours.  My doc had used drains though they were hidden inside the bandage with some self absorption pads.  Due to  this I had to stay for 4 more days in Chennai as I had to get them removed.
First night – No pain but sleeping on back was b*tch. I think that was the most difficult part of the surgery.

Day 2,3 and 4: No pain and I had started taking long walk from the second day. I think on day 3 I walked like 3-4 kms.

Day 5 – I saw my results for the first time and I was very happy. The chest looked awesome, absolutely flat.  I think that was really one of the important moments of my life. Drain removal was easy and I was free to fly back home.

Day 6 – I started walking 5 K from day 5 and I was taking high protein food as well. I was also supplementing my diet with Whey Isolate and Glutamine.

Day 10 – My doctor had not used dissolvable stitches so had to get them removed on day 10. This is the day when I could take a proper bath.
Here are the picture after my first bath though before removing stitches.
Link to day 10 album - http : //
DAY 10 Pics

Stitch removal was bit of a disaster as the nurse who removed it did a real bad job. He was fidgety and pulled it, and this was the first time when I  felt any pain.  Post this incident I got some swelling for the first time

Week 2- 4
I started going to gym and started with stationery bike and elliptical without using arms. I started massaging my scar with aloe vera cream, not 100% sure but I guess it is helping a bit if not then scar tissue is slowly but surely reducing

Week 4-5
I started with weight training except chest and till date have no pain however I have continued to have swelling post removing stitches.

Week 6
Today I did the chest workout for the first time and I thought it was time for some pictorial update 
I still have some swelling and bit of scar tissue, which I am not overtly worried about though really want it to get down. I will keep updating this post as often as i can!
Album Link - http : //
Week 6 Pics

Questions/Comments  :)

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looks good bro... it also looks like the working out is working for you. My gyne looks a lot like urs... I am just a little fatter than you in the begining pics... ur gyne is a little less noticibe than mine.. but we all know when something just doesnt look right. I cant wait to have the sugery unfortunately I am poor and cant afford it right now.. but I am grinding to get cash to pay for it... I regret buying my car now :/ I realize afterwards that I could have payed for the surgery if I opted for a cheaper car... oh well I guess thats what I get for being a gear head.

Looks a million times better bro and I am sure you are dancing about every chance you get in celebration... man I cant wait for mine ;D

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Looks very nice, and the best thing should only look better and better with time. 

Congrats on your new body and your new life.

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Awesome.  Very nice results'

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How much did the surgery cost you ?

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that great work your chest looks great man

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Hey bro... Any updated pics for us? :) Congratulations on getting that out of your way...


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