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Hi all,
  As per schedule my surgery was  completed yesterday ( may 23rd 2015) in Chennai. Was felt very excited even now. Dressing will be tomorrow 11am. Eagerly waiting to see the result. Doctor showed me the sucked fat and removed gland.  Can't wait till tomorrow. Not much pain yet.but pain killer tablet in hand for safety.    Let's see tomorrow ..


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Please post your stories, would love to know  and which doctor ?

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Be patient. Initially there will be some post operative swelling and it may take even several months before you see the final result
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I had my surgery done in 2014. There will be some swelling and there will be some pain but hang in there, you will never regret making this decision!

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Yeah man u need to wait for atleast 3 month for proper result of surgery .....
and dont panic after seeing ur chest just after surgery it might be scary but it will be ok :)


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