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This is an interesting place, never really knew anything about gyne until exploring around here.  I didn't even know gynecomastia had a name until about 3 months when a cosmetic surgeon told me thats what i had.

I had always thought i was just burdened with "titty fat" as I've always called it.

I don't know if anyone cares, but I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself, what I've been through and my recent surgery.  Maybe it will give somebody some hope in their own struggle.

I'm 30, always been a bit overwieght by 20 pounds or so, have an active lifestyle, just like to eat.  I work as a firefighter, have a active sex life, live a real normal life, but.... my chest has always been a huge bone of contention for me.

I think it started when I was 13 or 14, and has progressively worstened over the years.  Nothing horrible, just a soft, jiggly chest.  Nipples that don't hold their shape, if that makes sense, and just an overly thick look in my chest area.  I spent hours in the gym, on pec decks, doing flys, benching weight.  Could never get rid of the fat though. 

The gym is key to lots of things.  I know its hard to go, but do a week, get over that hump.  Go early, go late when its quiet.  Don't feel self consious about going, it will give you energy, confidence and trust me will make you happy! 

About 5 years ago I finally came to the realization that the gym and working out wasn't winning any battles.  This was really fustrating for me, but I kept going, it was the only thing I figured would help.  About 6 months ago I felt a painful little ball of something under my nipple on my left hand side.

This is where the journey begins....

I went to my family doctor, he didn't know what it was.  He sent me to have a biopsy of it as he was worried about breast cancer.  I had a biopsy done, the results were negative when it came to anything cancerous.  It was a big relief, but it was still a bit painful and I noticed my left breast was changing shape.  My doctor suggested I have it removed and sent me to a surgeon he refers people to.

The doctor I met made me feel uncomfortable, was unhelpful answering questions and there was no way in hell I was about to trust him to cut me open.  After bugging my doctor a bit more he sent me to another surgeon.  This doctor was nice, helpful and informed me that I would be better off seeking out a cosmetic or plastic surgeon to help me.  I had always wished in the back of my mind that someone of authority would say this, as I always though having lipo was an easy way out!

I was lucky enough to be sent to a cosmetic surgeon that does about 20 gyne surgeries a year.  Her wait time was a year, but I became a private patient, and she began the process.

I was ignorant to what gynocomastia was, she informed me I had a case of it, and that i would gain from a surgery that would include removing some tissue and liposuctioning some fat.  She and her staff were very helpful, very kind, and answered all my questions and put me at ease about the whole thing.

Six days ago I had the surgery.  The canadian government paid the surgeon's fees that was almost $3000, and I paid the private clinic fee that was about $2000.  Gotta love the Canadian health care system sometimes!!!  The surgery was quick, but the healing process has been alot tougher than I thought it would be.

I had drains on me for 4 days, draining blood and fluid.  I have lots and lots of heavy bruising, it looks as I've been hit by a train, but I also have lots of good painkillers which makes it kinda fun...  The drains were removed 2 days ago, there was significant bleeding for the first few hours and I had to change my bandages and t-shirts a bunch of times.  Not the most comfortable, and I can't go out but it will be worth it in the end.  I am all wrapped up now, hiding for a few weeks and giving myself time to heal.

I few words of advice and encouragement for people if I may....
Gyne sucks and its devistating, but remember there is hope.  We are lucky to live in a time, where places like this forum give us good information and doctors can do amazing things.  Keep a positive outlook on life, its hard too, but remember, you only go around once, make the most of it, don't look back when your 80 and wonder what you did with your life.  A little "titty fat" is pretty minor when you look at kids with lukemia and people battling cancers.  People may disagree with me, you are entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine.  Do these few things, go to the gym, it will do you wonders, find a doctor you feel comfortable with, and get a surgery done, spend the money, take 2 weeks off work, and get it out of the way, life is too good and too short not to!!

The best to you all, I hope this is informative and uplifting for those of you who red it, and thank you to those of you who operate this forum, it is a great resource.


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your right man, many people have worse ailments and can do nothing about them, but the people who are concerned about their gyne often have fairly good standards of living such as myself, and it's probaly only because there is a lack of worser problems in our lives that we allow gyne to become such a massive issue.

surgery is the way out !

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awesome story rowdy :) congrats to you :)

any pictures :)?

take care and congrats :)




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