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Its not really that interesting  but the last few days have been pretty intense. I was a fat kid. No excuse. I basically just remember doing zero sports. Sitting around watching cartoons. I had a single mom, so she really did not push me to work out or join a team but I cant really blame her. At my worst I was 208 pounds, and at my height of 5'4 you can only imagine how bad I looked. At age 19 I moved to california from the east coast and saw how beautiful the girls were and how fit my male competition was so I vowed to change.  I really committed and ended up loosing 83? pounds, dropping to 125, and was able to run a half marathon.  I was now 21.

However there was still a big problem. I had this issue with my chest and it did not seem to want to go away. It was really sad cause I had worked so hard and still the worst thing (visually) about being fat was still there.  I developed deep social anxiety issues, I was never that shy as a kid, but this issue made me some what of isolated person. People mistook my embarrassment for rudeness and usually avoided me. Its said cause I love talking to new people but couldn't. So I researched the chest problem and got a consultation. but kept convincing myself, that I could fix it with weights.  One day I went overboard and really hurt myself lifting. So for the last couple years I just gave up everything health wise. No exercise, pizza 2-3 times a week.  Then I I realized that my life was meaningless until this was gone, i would never ever improve as a person with gynecomastia  So I put off everything. Moved back in with mom, put off new buying a new car, and audio equipment and saved up almost $6000 for surgery. As a student working part time it was a still a big challenge for me.

So in the week leading up to surgery I went to a couple holiday parties (could not drink) and I guess I was really nervous about the surgery because I got really  sick at both of them. The morning of the surgery I was very thirsty (you can't even drink water after midnight). The nurse gave me this magical $75 pill call e-mend or something, it instantly cured my nausea and even felt like it worked on my anxiety.  I spoked with the docs waited about an hour, than went into the OR. Lots of people in the operating room, lots of equipment, I pretty much just accepted this had to be done and stopped worrying. Once I was injected I think it too less than 20 seconds to go to sleep.

Everyone told me it went perfect. no drains. excision and lipo on both. Me and mom both went to hotel. Let me tell you guys there really is almost no pain with this surgery on the actual chest, i did not take the pain killers, cause I hate not knowing how my body is gonna react to this things. The big issue for me were the nights cause I got sick right after surgery . I took ambiean on the first night and slept for like 30 minutes chills, than super hot, not used to sleeping on back.  Both me and my mom woke up with flu like symptoms. Back at home the flu got worse, took xanex insted and it was a terrible night super cold and super hot. The shaking caused me to bleed out a little on the chest. I felt like one of those injured soldiers in the american revolution, like there was zero hope for me. The padding in the vest was torture cause it went under the arms and limited movement. Now that I was given the all clear to take it out I feel 9000 times better, chest looks great (for this stage of the game). Flu is slowly going away, now I can actually get some real sleep tonight without the padding and less chills.  I know my story of recovery is not too good for comparison because I got sick (great luck) but jut want to give some advice to anyone considering surgery .

1. if your on a budget and want surgery just get it over with, living at home or not having car is nothing compared to living with this, don't try to talk yourself out of it.

2. the injection felt like a normal test not a big deal at all, 20 seconds than Zzzzzz

3. don't assume your body can accurately feel temperature the day of surgery I sat outside in the cold for a bit and did not know it till my mom got back.

4.  if your going to stay in a hotel choose like the most luxurious /closest one, you dont want to recover in a bad place.

5. don't get sick directly after lol. i guess take a lot of vitamen c.

6. just expcet to sit around doing almost noting for the first 48 hours.

7. the first shower is not fun, but not too bad.

8. try to get the docs after hours number if at all possible and call if anything is "should I..."

thats really about it, im so glad to be done with this have a great new year all!



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