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Basically, around this time of year, it gets realllly warm where I live. And in our school, we have really thin, white polo t-shirts which are nearly see-through lol as our uniform. It was my last day of school the other day and everyone was signing each others polos (I always wear a jumper because of the puffy nips). I came into school kinda late and everyone in class was signing each other and I was the only one with a jumper; I seriously stood out and everyone was asking why I didn't take it off (it was really hot in there). So in the end I left class and a teacher caught me. She forced me to go back, but I really didn't want to because: 1) I felt so left out, not having a polo covered with signatures and drawings etc, and 2) I really didn't want to take my jumper off. I decided to run off, out of school and I just kept running along this long path (I'm quite fit) for as long as I could.

I was so fucking angry at the fact that this curse ruined my last day of school in my entire life, and that my friends who are really unfit and don't do anything are left with a perfectly normal chest and have nothing to worry about.

Just for some info:

I'm 5'10", 16 years old, about 150lbs, work out quite a lot and run, eat healthily and I have puffy nips and minor moobs (Worse on left side). I don't smoke, nor do I smoke marijuana. Hell, I've never even got drunk.

I've been going to the gym now for about 7 months, thinking that my gyne was just fat. I've lost about 35 pounds since, I'd say.

I haven't told my mum yet, but it's gonna be hard. I don't think she'd realize how much it really effects me. I haven't gone swimming or topless or anything in sooo long. I think I started getting it around the age of 13. I doubt I could afford surgery though, because I have a single mum. Do the NHS do it?

I may post pics soon, but I'm not sure how I'll do it. It's great that there's a community of us and we know we're not alone.



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