Author Topic: suicidal and hopeless coz of my gyno  (Read 2216 times)

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hey guys my name is Michael and am 18 i'm new here and i'm glad i found a site where i can say how i feel without being judged

i live in Africa(i would not like to state the country)

and i feel hopeless coz
1. there are no gynocomastia surgeons in my entire country believe me I've searched
2. the cost of paying for surgery and traveling to whatever country is to be expensive...i mean 1 usd is being exchanged at over 500 worth of my country currency and i barely earn over 20000 -$40 a month country judges and stigmatizes people with abnormal(as they claim) conditions such as gyno.epilepsy.albinos etc

hence you can see why i feel suicidal and hopeless
i know killing myself wont solve anything but i've been so socially exempted..i cant go swimming i cant wear certain clothes it sucks

i just need advice and encouragement


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Hello Michael.  My name is Dan.  I have been here a very long time, I am 79 years old. 
Safe, Reliable, and Effective surgery did not yet exist when I was young so I still have the condition.  Men who are older tend to not be troubled by this condition, we have other things to worry about that are more important to us later in life.  
Almost 1/3 of all men have some degree of breast enlargement.  We are not all deformed, we just have more breast tissue than average. A small number of us have a lot more.
The people here are all here for the same reason.  We all have the same condition.    So you can feel free to say whatever you like or ask any question.  
There is no magic pill that will make your breasts smaller, but people here will be happy to share with you the things they do in the way they dress that helps hide the breasts.
Perhaps there is some comfort just in knowing that you are not alone.    
Grandpa Dan

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Hi mate I feel for you bro.  I only had surgery last year and I am 38.  I lived with this condition since teens.  One way that helped me cope was to change my mind set.  Remember gyno is not a health changing issues and there are many people in this world would have it worst.  I dont know how bad you gyno is.  I would not go swimming but other than that it did not effect day to day living.  Its does effect confidence I accept that.  Try to stay positive and focus on what you have in life. 

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Hi Michael,
Sounds like where you live adds extra problems to having breasts.  I have had C cup breasts at 12, D or DD cup breasts a few years later. At this point it sounds like one of the things you can do is build some muscles.  Look intimidating.  If somebody gropes you, grope them back.  Get angry at the bullies.  Intimidate the bullies.  And something they might like even less.  Laugh at them and make fools of them.  50-70% of men develop gynecomastia at some time in their life.  In a few years some of the biggest pains in the ass will grow breasts themselves.  More than half do over their lifetime.
I didn't let those idiots to stop me from swimming or going out with girls or singing or acting in school.  I even tried out for a male pretending to be female pretending to be a female part in a play.  I had the breasts for real cleavage and a tenor voice that I could allow me to be male with a baritone and a female with an alto voice.  But my chest and shoulders were too big to make a good female body.  The girl trying out for the role made a better male than I made female but I had the better voice for it.  I wasn't going to be stopped from doing swimming, water skiing a or anything else.  I wasn't going to throw away what I wanted to do in life  because some bully picked on my having breasts.  Good luck.  Attitude makes a huge difference.  Don't let the bastards wear you down.

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Hey Mykel, maybe you can try to raise money for your surgery. I have seen one guy here doing it succesfully in another thread. This is the fundraiser: Your story is very sad, but you can get out of this!
Also, you should show some pictures so we can assess how severe it is.

And as said above I think the bravest thing one can do is put in the effort to accept and live with it. Anyone who is able to do that is a hero in my book (and should be in everyone elses). And there are people that WILL appreciate your courage if you are able to get that far. Keep strong and keep fighting, it actually is not the end of the world as we tend to think, mostly because we focus on it so much.


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