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Even when I knew what my problem was I never looked online about it. Never saw these forums or youtube videos. I feel good and bad hearing similar stories. I had surgery finally but this is "my story":

Before I had gynecomastia I wasn't comfortable with my body and didn't take off my shirt to begin with. I've always been skinny. When i noticed the lump under my left nipple I was in 9th grade and I was about 5'10, 125lbs. It started to stick out a little and since I wore fitted shirts i started to tape it down. It was hard telling my mom but when i did i ended up seeing a bunch of doctors. They said its normal and it will probably go away. Well it only got worse.

It started to grow more and shape into a breast, yeah it was just the left side. By 11th grade i was really paranoid and i started to change how I dressed. I wore hoodies so often, sure my classes were cold but I live in south FL....and I wore them outside too. No one really noticed I had a problem and I wasn't going to tell anyone. I noticed and that was enough. I couldn't hold it down anymore either. I believe it also made me give up on things. I got lazier and didn't care about school as much. I was a smart kid too. My posture was really bad too. I was wanting surgery.

I saw some plastic surgeons but I didn't like how they spoke about it. Money was an issue too, my family isn't well off. Trying to get insurance to cover it wasn't going to work. So I just let time pass. When it came to graduating (this is a whole other story) I wasn't ready for college. The school i wanted to go to was a lot of money which means no money for surgery at the time. My dad didn't want to hear about my problem and he would have to pay for it. So I didn't go. I was 18 yrs old at home, no job either (just selling on ebay).
Sucks money is an issue when it comes to this. Gynecomastia is a medical condition right?

I was supposed to get bonds from my dad at 18 but he held them till I was 21. Once i finally had the money it still took me a while to get a doctor I liked and to set it up. I had a friend who was transexual and she had her breasts removed to help transition into a "man". I ended up going to his doctor. He is just great. He's confident, calm and fairly young. The cost was about $4,500 which was the lowest i had found around here. I am 22 now and I paid for it and my operation was on aug 22nd.

The actually surgery went well. I wasn't in pain  so I didn't take pain meds 2 days after. I did have a drain put in which freaked me out but it worked well. The doctor told me my skin my be saggy but it isn't, probably because I'm young enough and the skin tightened back up. Sleeping on my back was very frustrating for a while. I also didn't like looking at the area. He told me what he had removed was almost the size of an orange. Gross eh?

About 2 months now and I feel pretty good. My chest isn't totally normal, I think it needs to fill out more from where it was removed. I can wear a lot of shirts I had set aside...ones I even bought and didn't wear. Now I stand up straight and feel like a normal person! I want to start working out for once too. I gained about 30lbs since high school -.-
maybe I'll start taking my shirt off then.

I wish there was a way for more boys to know about this during school. The internet is nice to give people info. I wish I had looked here before surgery lol. Well except the youtube video that shows the actual operation...that was gross. I understand you guys totally. I really suggest having surgery (if you can get the money somehow of course). It's sad it won't go away on its own but it's worse when you let it effect your life so much. I missed out on too much but I'm not blaming it all on is just one thing...the others aren't related.
bleh that was a long short version....If you have any questions or thoughts let me know =O
I wish you guys the best.


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Your story is not at all uncommon. Hopefully readers will realize that you got past this by taking your future into your own hands. Congratulations!

The Internet is a mixed blessing, The purveyors of phony ineffective "cures" are here as well and they are simply preying upon the hopes of many, selling them products that reduce only their wallets.
Grandpa Dan

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congrats on your new life bro. Can't wait till i have the surgery. just tryin to lose some fat then it will be time.
If you have gyne, dont expect not be laughed at.

Just like if you walk into a locker room, you're gonna see some hairy asses and dicks.

Unfortunately for me, both have occured in my life way too many times.


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