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Any time I am at the beach or at a pool, I am giving myself tittie twisters before I take my shirt off so that my nipples will look normal when I'm bare.  Then I have to quickly go into the water so that I can get cold and get them hard.  It sucks.

Then when I'm out of the water, they'll stay hard for about 20 minutes.  Then I have to go back into the water to get them hard again.

I am going on spring break soon for my last semester of college.  Anybody got any survival stories/advice for me regarding this spring break trip?  It'll be in Jamaica...right on the beach.  Yikes!


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That is a major problem I had too. In your teenage years you are the most mentally vulnerable, and being 'different' doesn't help. At my school kids would always laugh at me in the changerooms and such and this really f**ked me up. I started to wear sweaters all the time and got heavily into drugs, gettin in trouble with the police etc., hoping to escape this reality, knowing that i wouldn't be able to come up with a couple thousand dollars til i was my late 20s. My parents thought i was joking too, which didn't help, and we were broke anyways. The point of my story? Being different is horrible and people rub it in our faces.


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