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I am a 21 year old college student who has suffered from gynecomastia since I could remember. Starting in 7th grade, I would use a full roll of tape every day and wrap it around my breasts to hide them. I did this for two years. It worked but was extremely uncomfortable. It made me bleed, restricted my breathing, and imagine taking that off every night. Eventually by 8th grade my mother began questioning me about the tape noise frequently coming from my room, so by 9th grade I switched to extremely tight undershirts. I would even take my younger sisters tank tops sometimes, and tuck them into my pants as hard as I could. This worked, but made my back KILL every day and hurt my shoulders as well. Today, I use under armour as well as underworks gynecomastia undershirts (they're amazing, check Amazon) and Even though it works decently when I'm wearing hoodies or button up shirts it kills my back and shoulders. I've been in pain for years dealing with this.

Psychologically I am at my breaking point. I need support, advice, and help. I am extremely desperate for surgery but it's way too pricey. I'm tired of being in pain and uncomfortable and never even being able to wear a normal tshirt. I'm 5'11'' and 220 lbs. last year I went from 260 to 200 in about 8 months and it only made my gynecomastia appear worse ! Since then I have been extremely depressed and started gaining some of that weight back.

Those who deal with this their whole lives I give tons of credit to. I always think: why me? Someone please tell me how they made surgery affordable.. I mentally, physically, and emotionally can not take this much longer...


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Hey man,

Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about the physical and emotional pain you're going through!

So, you've decided that your gyne needs to be removed and you refuse to live with it.  It's good! You have a goal that is doable.  That's a good start!

I KNOW how you feel.  I've been there myself.  I made a long term plan and stuck to it. I saved money every month and lost weight before the surgery.  It took me a few years, but it eventually happened.  I also suggest you have an open and honest talk with your parents; hopefully they will understand and will be supportive.

Let me also add something that you will hear from many on this forum:  refuse to have this done by a surgeon, unless he is 1) board certified plastic surgeon and 2) is specialized in gyne surgery.  Believe me, you want to have it done once and correctly on that first try.

Please take a look at My Story below. I hope you find it useful.

Where do you live? In US?



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Bobby is right, but let me add. Being one of the "old" guys probably older then your parents, they may say something like, "your not that bad" you may need to show them some gynecomastia sites that point out the emotional effects that it has on men. It isn't always about the size, as this may or will be the first place they go with it, not knowing that it doesn't really help you!

Good luck,



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